I lied to you

I’ve been meaning to write to you for a while…

Thing is, it’s not easy to admit when you’ve been caught lying.

As a copywriter, I might push the boundaries a bit here and there, but lying?

A big “no no” for me.

So when I was confronted with something I’VE created (and sold) that didn’t live up to its promise?

That hurts.

It’s about my “Coffee Critiques”.

You’ve been on my list for a while now, so you’ve probably seen me offering them here and there.

“It’s a quick, easy, and stress-free to create copy that sells”, I might have said…

“You don’t have to do any heavy lifting… just give your words and I’ll show you how to make them better”, I almost definitely did say…

Well, I got an email from a client who would disagree with both of those.

“I’ve spent the last 5 hours going through my sales page, making all of your changes….  I HATED every second!

I don’t know about you, but I ain’t getting many “quick”, “easy”, “stress-free” vibes from that.

Sounds like bloody torture to me.

But I want to do the right thing and set the record straight.


If you’re looking for an agonising, slow, torturous way of creating better copy…

A way that will almost certainly make you want to rip out your eyeballs as you spend hour after hour (after hour) making tiny, nit-picky changes, slumped over your laptop, while you curse my name and vividly imagine strangling me with your Lenovo power cord…

… then you can pick up your Coffee Critique here.

Not your thing? No problem. 

There’s always the “easy” solution:

“Easily” shell out thousands of dollars of your hard-earned cash on expensive copywriting courses as you spend many “stress-free” years “joyfully” handwriting endless sales letters and “cheerfully” cranking out thousands of words every single day until you “effortlessly” glide into “guru” copywriter status…

Piss easy.

Have a good Monday!


P.S. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve updated my super-signature accordingly.

P.P.S. Did you check out the most recent episode of “HWILAT”? 

Now that IS a quick, easy, and stress-free way of learning how to write more profitable words!

You shouldn’t take my word for it though. I have a history of lying, so…

Click here and check it out for yourself