The tiny mistake that killed my launch

It’s nearly 5pm on Friday, so I’ll keep it quick.

I decided to kill off “Copywriter on Call”.

It wasn’t a total failure or anything. It made sales.

In fact, I think it was *this close* to being a pretty damn good offer.

But I made one tiny mistake – a mistake you could be making with your offers.

(And if you think you have a killer offer, but are making less sales than you expected, you probably ARE making it)

It would make for a great email, but…

It’s still Friday and it’s even closer to 5pm, so…

You’ll have to settle for this video of me talking about my little – but oh so important – mistake here.

Have a good weekend,


P.S. While I’m talking about this…

I did learn something new this week.

Someone tried to join “Copywriter on Call” after I decided to “send it to a lovely little farm” after its back legs had gone.

When I told her I’d taken it out to the Florida swamplands and put two bullets in its head, she replied:

“I was enjoying your email/sales sequence and so didn’t sign up because I wanted to see all of your emails – including the very last minute one that said ‘sign up or die, this is your last chance’…. then I was going to sign up”

I guess the moral to the story is…

Don’t write good emails?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to see if the website www.trite’n’ is available…

P.P.S. Of course that’s not the moral of the story.

The REAL moral of the story… the one you absolutely MUST pay attention to, no matter what you’re selling is always, always, ALWAYS make sure to co…


Let’s pick this up next week…