An extraordinary bet

The first bet I ever placed on a horse is extraordinary for just ONE reason…

It wasn’t the fact it was my first bet…

Or that I’d never been into a betting shop before…

Or that I had to suffer the embarrassment of not only asking the cashier HOW to place a bet, but also because I had to go full-on “Oliver Twist” and ask…

“Please sir… can you read the names of the horses?”

… as I’d forgotten the name of the one I was betting on.

No, my first bet was extraordinary because despite having just shy of a grand in my bank account…

… I’d withdrawn £500 of it and was placing it all on this horse…


(and it did!)

I’ll tell you the full story behind this “sounds-totally-illegal-but-actually-isn’t-please-don’t-call-the-cops” scheme later but, for now, here’s the lesson:

You don’t have to know HOW or WHY something works to profit from it.

I know. It seems wrong to think you can make money AND have 100% confidence in an idea… even if you haven’t got the foggiest idea what’s going on.

But it’s true.

Marketing’s the same.

Just like I didn’t need to know anything about horse racing to place a winning bet…

You don’t need to know anything about copywriting to create words that sell.

Just pick up a coffee critique and I’ll do it for you.

You give me your words… I’ll show you how to make them better.

Doesn’t have to be a sales page or a pitchy email either…

It can be anything collection of words you’d like a copywriter to cast his eye over and improve.

So if you want me to look over your cold email, social media bio, or website copy, I’m happy to do that too.

Here comes the scarcity bit…

Because I’m trading time for money (I’m still saving up for a life-size cutout of Robert Kiyosaki), I only have a few spaces available.

That’s why, even if you’re a little bit interested, you should probably click this link:

Let me know if you have any questions.


P.S. There’s a few testimonials on that page, but here’s one I haven’t got round to adding yet:

“John’s copy critique may well have been the best £X I’ve ever spent (I can’t remember how much it was but it was too cheap).

He gently pulled my sales page apart in a very loving manner, before putting it back together in a much clearer and compelling way.

Heck, even I’d buy from me now and I get it for free.

Get a copy critique or regret it forever.”

(I love a testimonial that provides some “couldn’t-have-said-it-better-myself” link text.) 🙂