Have you heard of “super-signatures”?

It’s the thing you might have seen at the bottom of marketing emails.

It usually starts with:

“Also, when you’re ready, here are 68 bajillion ways you can pay me money…”

Seen ‘em before?

SS’s (oh man, I wish I hadn’t abbreviated that now) are a great way you can make more sales without feeling like you’re turning the screws on your audience and being a pitch in the @$$.

Do you have a super-signature?

If you don’t… would you like me to give you some super-quick tips so you can create one?

And if you already have one, would you like me to give you some super-quick tips to make yours even better?

I’ve just shot a quick video, revealing three ideas you can use to create your own “Secret Salesman” at the bottom of your emails.

(If you steal that “Secret Salesman” name, John, so help me God…)

There’s a non-monetary price to pay for the link though…

Stop clenching… it ain’t that.

It’s been a while since I asked how I can best help make your business life more fun and profitable.

Sorry about that.

I know this is a little weird, but I’m the kinda guy who wants to create stuff that makes you think, “Oh my. This IS tremendously useful. I don’t entirely regret opening this strange little man’s emails.”

So… you’ll find a link to the super-signature training video at the end of a very short – and easy* – three-question survey.

* You WERE paying attention in “Outer Mongolian Parliament Legislature 101” class, right?

Here’s a link to the survey.

Whether you click the link or not. Have a devastatingly awesome Monday.

John Holt

– – –

Also: when you’re ready, here are three ways I can help make your business life easier…

1. So you thought you’d dive down here and check out MY super-signature before deciding, did you? Clever, but fruitless. Here’s the link for the survey again

2. Did someone say “TAPAS”? No, of course they didn’t. I just needed a silly thing to put down for number 2. But if you thought that was silly….

3. MY NEW TAI LOPEZ BIKINI RANGE IS OUT NOW! And it’s selling fast. Honestly, if I were you, I’d click this bloody survey, just to put an end to this madness!