Two quick things you can steal from Troy Ericson

I can’t tell you how many emails I get saying,

“You know what would be awesome, John? If you were to make videos breaking down cool copywriting examples… explaining – in simple terms – not only what makes them work, but also…

… how I can be a lazy git and steal the idea for myself without having to go to copywriting school…”

Actually, I CAN tell you how many emails like that I get.


That doesn’t mean it’s a terrible idea though…

After all, if you’re a business owner who appreciates the value of good copy, but is too busy doing ALL OF THE THINGS to find time to sit down and learn how to translate your enthusiasm for profitable prose into action…

… why would you NOT watch a quick and easy video of a professional copywriter* doing it for you?

* I still can’t believe I’m talking about me here.

Welcome to…

“Here’s what I like about this…”

In the exciting first episode, I break down what I like about an email I received from Troy Ericson.

Not only that, but if you pay close attention, you may also notice:

– how terrible I am

– at writing bullet points

– for my own stuff

Nonsense to one side…

There are at least TWO big takeaways from Troy’s short message that ANY business owner can use to write better emails.

The best bit?

You’ll be able to use BOTH as soon as I reveal them.

(That’s right folks – no copywriting chops required!)

Here’s the link again.

Do me a favour? If you found this useful, let me know.

Matron only gives me 17 minutes of computer time a day, so I want to make sure I’m using it wisely.

Have a good Friday!