Here’s your “bonus” content

I’ve just littered the internet with another quick video.

If you’re not getting as many replies to your emails as you’d like, you’ll probably like it.

I’m telling you because it reminded me of some related content – BONUS if you will – about this exact topic you get exclusive access to.

As a fierce and loyal subscriber (you ARE still fierce AND loyal, right? Don’t make me send Giles round to check)

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One of which is the “Six Ways To Guarantee You Never Write A Dull Email Again” video which gives you… er, six ways to guarantee you never write a dull email again.

Turns out, those six quick ideas are also pretty darned good at helping you write emails your customers want to reply to.

Sound like something you want?

Then check out this quick video first.

Once you’ve enjoyed that cinematic masterpiece and wiped away the tears, head over to the GOOGLE DRIVE OF AWESOMENESS!!!! and check out your exclusive “Bonus content” in the…

“Six Ways To Guarantee You Never Write A Dull Email Again”

… video.

Hope you find it useful. If you did, hit reply and let me know.

Have a beltin’ Monday!


P.S. EXTRA-EXCLUSIVER-BONUS-META-INCEPTION-TIPPITY-TIP: if you want people to reply to your emails… 

… ask them to reply to your emails!