Welcome to the never-ending, everlasting content buffet

“I’d email and post more often, but I don’t know what to write about…”.

Ever found yourself thinking that? If so, you’re gonna like this email.

First off, the good news… even though I know nothing about you, or your life, you don’t have a “nothing exciting ever happens to meeeeee” problem.

So, don’t worry if your life isn’t as glamorous as Kim Kardashian, Richard Branson, or even John Holt…

Your life doesn’t need to be interesting to create interesting content.

Read that again. It’s important.

One of the ideas I bang on about in “Sent.” is how it’s not about the THING that happens… it’s about linking it to something your audience actually gives a toss about.

It’s easy to write an email or shoot a quick video when something amazing happens. Anyone can do that.

It’s the folks who can find connection in the boring, day to day nonsense that win out because they can write valuable – sales making – emails no matter what happens to them.

Let’s say the only thing you did today was brew up and make yourself a cup of coffee.

If you’re just looking at THINGS – coffee, kettle, water, two sugars – you COULD write a decent email…

Talking about a client getting system so simple, it’s like “flicking a switch”…

Or how your blog post template is the “perfect blend” of SEO goodness…

You COULD… but there’s better material waiting for you if you want it.

Look at what’s REALLY going on…

Go deeper.

For starters… why are you grabbing a coffee NOW?

Is it because without your precious hit of morning Joe you’d be a mindless zombie? Do you absolutely, positively NEED a triple-strength expresso to kickstart your day, before you even think about doing the whole “life” thing?


Maybe you’re a parent and save the first, sweet, sweet taste of caffeine for when your kids have been dispatched to school and you can finally sit on your couch in peace. To you, the first cup of the day is HEAVEN.

Yes, it’s a boring cup of coffee, but it’s so much more than that.

A wedding magician could use her “coffee” email to highlight the importance of finding small moments of bliss during frantic wedding planning – and how a bride can use these small pockets to effortlessly plan the wedding of their dreams – without turning into a bridezilla.

If you’re a productivity expert, you could write a Facebook post about how – pre-coffee – every task on your to-do list feels like a mountain to climb. Once that sweet, sweet java flows down your neck though, your energy levels kick up a gear, your brain fires up, and you feel ready to hustle.

“It’s the same reason I advise business owners to tackle their first task of the day as quickly as possible. Once they’ve done something – anything – they FEEL more productive, momentum kicks in, and they end up getting far more done…”

There’s gold to be found in the banal. You might have to dig around and get your hands mucky, but it’s there.

At the risk of veering wildly off my “promote Copywriter on Call within an inch of its life” track…

… I talk more about this kind of thing in my email writing course, “Sent.”.

It’s a simple “day-by-day” approach to writing emails like this.

If you want to know more – and hear what other business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs have said about “Sent.”…

Direct your cursor over this lovely blue text and give it a click.

Hope you found this useful.


P.S. Want more coffee aficionados replying to your emails…

No worries. Just toss “expresso” into your emails every once in a while…