Have you got 15 minutes?


I just uploaded the latest video in the enthralling, exciting, and surely soon-to-be-snapped-up-by-Netflix series, “Writing a sales page from scratch”.

It is, hands down (or up, your choice) the BEST way to learn how I write a sales page – and what goes through my head – WITHOUT having to endure the agony of having to spend time in my company.

If you’re the kind of savvy business owner who loves nothing more than watching 15-minute videos on YouTube that answer meaningful, life-changing questions, such as:

 “What the hell is that noise?”
– How should you open a sales page?
– Should I stop doing Yoga and start jogging?
– “Hang on… your opening is the exact OPPOSITE of what most copywriters do? WHY?”
– “What’s the best (and easiest) way to test my offer so I KNOW it will sell?”

Then do I have a link for you…

(Clearly, I do. It’d be a really shit email if I didn’t)

>>>“Look, Sandra… pointy arrows and some blue underlined text. This must be the link we need to click to watch the video…”

Have a formidable Thursday!


P.S. Even though I’m quite enjoying mucking around on YT, I’m determined NOT to barrage you with endless “Just uploaded a new vid….” type emails.

If I make a video I think you REALLY should watch, I might mention it in a P.S…

… maybe.

I just don’t want to be “that guy”, you know?

So – and this is the only time I’ll probably say this – if you want to keep up with my YT exploits, click the link and subscribe to my channel.

P.P.S. Now I’ve said “subscribe to my channel”, I suddenly need to scrub myself clean with carbolic acid…