Want to sell more of your low ticket offers? You’ll like this…

So I’ve just dropped another one…

(“Another what? Air biscuit? Clanger? Baby? SPECIFICS man!”)

Another video in the “Write along sales page” series, where I shoot over the shoulder videos of me writing the sales page for my latest offer.

(Still no word from Netflix about snapping up the exclusive rights to the entire season BTW. Though, it’s not all bad… Shudder did express some interest…)

The folks at Netflix might not agree, but this video’s worth watching for a bunch of reasons. Here’s a few off the top of my head:

– I reveal the section of a sales page I ALWAYS write first. Doesn’t matter if it’s high ticket or low ticket, I ALWAYS* start here. (Steal this approach and writing your next sales page will be a whole lot easier)

* Was two “ALWAYS” overkill? You can be honest, I can take it.

– I explain the overall “angle” I’m going to use for the sales page… and more importantly, WHY I’m using it (WARNING: there’s a tricky – almost awkward – moment in this bit where I NEARLY compare my offer to Apple…yikes)

– You’ll learn the basic structure behind the easiest sales page you’ll ever write (and why it turns the usual sales page format on its head!)

Oh, and just for you, you bloody gorgeous subscriber, there’s even an…


Something I DON’T mention in the video is that, when I spent a good chunk of time cranking out copy for an agency that specialises in selling low ticket offers to cold traffic…

The sales page structure we used 99% of the time…?

You guessed it… the one I talk about in the video.

So, if you’re looking for a solid sales page strategy for your low ticket offer – a sales page that can work for cold traffic or warm

You’ll want to check this out:

> Click here to watch the latest exciting, enthralling, “not-good-enough-for-Netflix-but-give-it-a-few-weeks-and-it’ll-probably-be-on-Granada-Men-and-Motors” episode

Have a corker of a Thursday,