Is this a “white jeans” idea?


Can I shoot something by you real quick?

I’ve launched “Sent.” a few times now. Each time, I’ve had folks ask for extra “hands-on” help with their emails, sales copy, and other marketing stuff.

Because I’m stacked with client work, the answer has always been a soul-destroying “no”, but…

It got me thinking…

I COULD offer a package of weekly calls (maybe 12 weeks for £150???) for a small group, where I answer questions, give personalised critiques, and dish out tailored advice…

(A bit like having their very own copywriter on call… only without the crippling monthly retainer)

There’d be a FB group too, so they could ask a question 24/7.

I’d also record all the calls too (memory and technology permitting). That way, even if folks couldn’t make it live, they could still get actionable feedback on their marketing shizzle.

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea, but  I’ve been wrong before…

(Ask my wife about the “white jeans” incident if you don’t believe me…)

so I wanted to get your thoughts.

What do you think? Would you be interested in something like this – having your own “copywriter on call” for 12 weeks?

Yeah? Nah? I dunno… maybe?

Hit reply and let me know.