The Noel Edmonds calendar never lies

If you’re looking for a super-simple, step-by-step template you can swipe to create an almost effortless Q&A style video to blast away any objections…

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That’s right…

I recorded a Q&A video for “Sent.”.

If your clicky finger has been hovering over the “buy” button, but you’ve been hesitating, wondering things like:

– How does “Sent.” actually work?

– “13,000+ words? Bloody hell. That sounds a bit heavy going. Am I gonna need to take time off work?”

– If I offer feedback or critiques?

– Is there a FB group… you know, so we can meet other students to network, compare ideas, and share favourite doily patterns?

– Is it even possible for bad writers to write good emails

– “Why no templates, John? WHY?”

– “Yeah, but will this work in MY niche?

– Will…… you …….. help……. me…….. write….… faster?

… watching my low budget, amateurish Q&A might be of help.

(No promises though)

The doors close for “Sent.” on Friday 13th August at MIDNIGHT (UK Time).

And unless my Noel Edmonds calendar is lying to me…

…. that’s TOMORROW!

Got a probing question I didn’t answer in the Q&A? Hit reply and ask. I’m happy to help.

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