A peek inside my first launch (stats, figures, and emails.. oh my!)

Here’s exactly what I did and what happened the very first time I launched “Sent.”

First, I had one rule – if I was going to launch a course on email marketing, I should only sell it via my email club.

(The first time out anyway…)

Gotta admit I did this partly because I thought it would make for a great angle in an email like this, but I also wanted to know whether I was the right person to sell this.

(Proof of the pudding and all that)

You might think that, as someone who gets paid to create email marketing campaigns, I had a complex plan of attack for this email marketing campaign, probably involving a whiteboard that looks like the ones cops use to track serial killers – with pins, lines, and squiggles everywhere…

But you’d be wrong.

You might also think it’s because – on a deeper, psychoanalytic level – I understood the inherent necessity of showing that this system works, even when you’re not a highly skilled email copywriter, as I hope to be one day…

But you’d be wrong again too.

I’m just a lazy git.

Over the course of 3 weeks or so, I sent 10 emails to my email club. And to prove it wasn’t a highly optimised launch campaign, you can see them here:

This is the one I introduced my appalling sales video.

Here’s one I wrote about the joys of receiving payments in your inbox.

Writing emails is a superpower. Did you know that? No? Well, you’re who I wrote this email for.

Dealing with objections is a good tactic for launch emails. Here’s how I dealt with the “I never know what to talk about” one.

Want to know how my dog peeing on stuff relates to email marketing? Then you’ll love clicking these blue words

(I used that one for the second launch too)

iOS 15 was causing a lot of folks some worries, so I decided to write an email about that too.

Also, who’d have thought being berated by a potty-mouthed direction seeker would help me sell an online course? But it did (also, check out the amusing P.S. on that one)

Another email dealing with the “OMG what do I talk about?” problem here.

(I have no idea why I sent two emails dealing with similar objections. But this only serves the point I’m about to make)

Here’s the last one I sent, with 17 hours left

(Maths fans will realise there are only nine emails above. Good spot! That’s because the 10th was a quick “it’s open!” style email to people who clicked a link, saying they were interested when I first floated this idea)

– – –

At the time, my email club only had 303 members.

Despite that though, I managed to sell out all 40 spaces on the course with those emails.

(I limited it to 40 as the early versions of the course came with personalised feedback)

OK, so let’s get to the “how much did you actually make?” part…

I made £1,420 from this launch.

Here, I’ll show you my working:

40 x £40 = £1,600, less £180 for the folks who claimed “email club” and early bird discounts.

£1,420 from 10 emails, sent to a list of 303 people.

That might not be a lot of money, but it’s a 13.2% conversion rate, which I was bloody delighted with.

Here’s why I’m telling you this…

I had (and still have) a small list.

My promo was slapdash at best (Do I need to remind you of the “sending two emails dealing with similar objections” bit?), but…

It worked.

It worked because I’ve spent the past year regularly emailing my club, showing up in their inboxes, and being useful.

It’s exactly what I show you how to do in “Sent.”

Thing is, this wasn’t my first launch.

Years ago, I launched my ebook “Funny is Money”.

I made a similar amount of money from that launch.

Here’s the difference though… when I launched “Funny is Money”, I did it just on social media.

The thing I remember most about it?

It was a bloody nightmare.

I was posting 3 or 4 times a day, going live in groups, messaging friends left, right, and centre.

(Yep, I was THAT guy)

You know how action heroes look after they’ve beaten up a thousand bad guys, dived out of a plane (without a parachute), had a mid-air fight with the evil henchman, landed on the ground, and then get flung 70 feet into the air from an explosion, before landing on some jagged rocks?

That’s how I felt after my “social media only” launch.

Doing it with email though? Not so much.

I picked a “doors close” date, scheduled a bunch of time to write promo emails, and then I sent them.

Life’s easier when you don’t have to bend to the algorithm.

Of course, you don’t need to buy “Sent.” to do this.

You just have to start building – and emailing – your list.

Got a system that’s already working for you? Awesome.

Want to have a look at mine?

Click here and see if it’s for you.

Doors close Friday at midnight and don’t forget to use the code XXXXX to save yourself a tenner.

Any questions, hit reply and ask. I’m happy to help.