I’ve got wood for you

From the desk of John Holt, Esq.

– – – – – 

I’m not doing that ^^^ to be pretentious BTW. It’s just my special way of letting you know I now have a desk to write to you from.

It’s been 431 days since I landed my first full-time gig as a copywriter and for 430 of those, I didn’t have a horizontal piece of wood to call my own.

I’ve written emails:

– in my lounge

– at my local coffee shop

– at 3AM during the school holidays, just to find some F*****G peace

– in the baking hot conservatory during summer

– in the freezing cold conservatory during the winter

– while sitting on my downstairs toilet

– in the kitchen

– in my car

– at my local hospital

… but not at a desk.

It boggles my mind to think of how many hundreds of thousands of dollars I’ve made for businesses with emails I wrote while NOT sitting at a desk.

Truth be told, I’m a bit too stupidly excited about my new desk and swivel chair combo, but…

I don’t NEED either to write good emails.

I’ve never had a copy chief ask me:

“Yeah, yeah. I don’t care about price or deadline. What I really wanna know is where you’re gonna write ‘em. Are you gonna go for the chaise longues or pop the footstool on the kitchen table*, so it feels like you’ve got one of those expensive standing desks? I NEED TO KNOW, HOLT!”

* “I’ll take ‘things that sound like euphemisms, but aren’t’ for 500 please, Alex”

They don’t care where I’m going to be writing.

Because it doesn’t matter.

Like a lot of the worries business owners have about emailing their list:

“I don’t want to annoy people by emailing 3 times a week…”

“What if someone unsubscribes?”

“I don’t know what to talk about”

“Sell? In an email? ARE YOU SODDING MENTAL?”

Thing is, all of these ^^^^ (and a few more besides) aren’t that important. They’re mental blocks you need to get past.

Like most things in life though, there’s a hard way of going about this and an easy way.

The hard way is to willpower your way through it – battling the blank page every day, as you rack your brains, desperately trying to write something you know everyone on the planet will love…

… and then needing 47 hot showers (and an industrial-strength loofa) to get all the sleaze off you after you had the gall to post a link to your sales page…

The easy way is to follow a simple approach from someone who knows what they’re talking about – someone who can guide you through a process that lets you bypass all the hurdles.

Here’s one you might like.

When you’re marketing your business, it’s easy to get bogged down in what doesn’t matter.

If I’d have held back on writing until I had a desk and chair to call my own, my family would’ve been out on the street in 2020.

If you want my help writing emails, check out the link above and see if “Sent.” is for you.

It’s NOT a “complete guide to email marketing” and I’m not the world’s greatest copywriter, but if you’re looking for a simple day-by-day approach to writing emails your subscribers love – no matter where you plonk your arse – you might like “Sent.”

Check out the page here and decide for yourself

The course starts as soon as you sign up (don’t forget to use code XXXX at checkout to claim your “email club” discount if you do sign up), but…

Doors close on Friday the 13th (AAAARRRGGGHHHH) August at MIDNIGHT.

I’ll be honest… if you’re a copywriter or a business owner who’s happy cranking out emails, you probably don’t need this.

Also, make sure to check out the “Occasionally Asked Questions” at the bottom of the sales page before clicking the magic button.

If you have any questions, just ask. I’m happy to help as much as I can.


(Proud desk owner and fully paid up member of the “Swivel Society”**)

** Yeah… don’t be Googling that.