“Will ‘Sent.’ help me write emails faster?”

The first couple of times I ran “Sent.”, I had a bunch of folks asking the same thing:

“Will it help me write emails faster?”

In my mind, that’s the wrong question.

It’s all well and good bragging you can blast out an email while you’re sat on the toilet, but whether it takes you two minutes or two hours, my next question is always going to be:

“How many sales did it generate?”

Would you rather write bad, useless, unprofitable emails fast, or…

Write good, compelling, and profitable emails easily?

The ironic thing is… when you follow a proven, easy approach, like the simple one I show you in “Sent.”, you will probably find yourself writing faster.

Not because of any secret ninja writing hacks, but because it removes the hurdles that were getting in your way and slowing you down.

Easier, profitable, and faster emails…

That’d be pretty good, right?

Does “Sent.” work?

(If you can’t see an image there, do me a favour and tap the “show all images” button? Ta.)

The good news is, you can start writing better emails TODAY by jumping onboard my day-by-day email writing course, “Sent.”

All you have to do is sign up here:


… and day one’s email will be with you before you know it.

If you use the code LUCIANO at checkout, you’ll even save yourself some extra shekels.

(That special code is for “email club” members only, so please don’t share it – thanks!)

Just a head’s up – I’ll be closing the doors at MIDNIGHT on Friday the 13th August. That’s precisely…

… from now.

(Yeah, I hate those annoying timers too, but I’ve been wanting to use one for bloody AGES, so I figured I’d use it now, while you still have loads of time to decide.)

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