[SENT FOLKS ONLY] This is my way of saying thanks

Tomorrow morning I’m going to be opening the doors to the next class of “Sent.”

Here’s the “why you should care” part of the email…

You can get in this round for free if you’d like?

No tricks, no catch, but there’s also…

No personal feedback on the daily tasks this time around.*

I realise “Sent.” was probably far meatier than you imagined.

That’s why I wanted to offer you this chance to jump in again – so you can either refresh what you learned, or catch up on what you didn’t.

To be fair, not much has changed in terms of content. There’s been a few additions here and there, but it’s mostly the same.

I’ve added 3 hours of new videos to go with the daily lessons, so that’s something you might like.

There’s also the addition of the “Sorry I’ve been shit” template that wasn’t included the first time I launched the course.

Like I say, no tricks and no catch. It’s totally free if you want to join.

It’s just my way of saying “thanks” for making the leap last time.

If you want in, all you have to do is click this link:


Just so you know… this is the only time I’ll be making this offer and it’s only available until Friday 13th August at midnight. If you click the link after that… sorry, but you won’t be added.

Best be safe and click it now, eh?


* Even though there’s no feedback this time around, I stand by my promise – if you’re still working your way through an earlier version of the course, you can still send me stuff.