I only wrote 17% of this email

Fact: this email is going to be around 83%* testimonials.

Another fact: when a marketer throws a ton of testimonials at you, it’s usually a telltale sign that a “click here and send me your money” link is lurking…

… if you think that while reading this email though, you’d be only half right.

I am asking for a click, but it won’t cost you anything…

– – –

“Easily the best quality investment I’ve made in marketing EVER.”

“I was expecting a quick review of one web page. But I got so much more than that. But it wasn’t just about volume, there was depth too. John took the time to explain his thinking and rationale behind his suggestions. And it wasn’t just high-level stuff. He gave me some really actionable easy to implement tips that will help me communicate what I do more clearly to potential clients. Oh, and there were some juicy creative ideas too – well beyond the remit of a web page review.”

“Look, if I say nice things about how much your feedback improved my sales page, you have to promise me nobody will ever see it. If people find out how easily you can drop in jokes, personality, and conversion boosters… it’s going to affect the global economy. Your smorgasbord of comedic and copy talents is simply too powerful to unleash on the world. I can’t have that blood on my hands, John. Not again.” – Justin Blackman, Brand Voice Expert @ Pretty Fly Copywriting

“Wowsers! This is insane input! Thanks so much – for taking the time to do it and for all the GREAT ideas.”

“Getting a Quick ‘n Easy Copy Critique from John was that thing the copy doctor ordered, but since copy doctors don’t exist (yet) I never got word of it. John dived headfirst into my copy and made my subject line more eye-catching, my story more cohesive, came up with an amazing new CTA, and he even did research on the topic of the email to come up with a new hook! But there’s one thing I absolutely HATED about this… the fact that he didn’t give me the chance to get on this earlier!”

– – –

All these lovely words – absolutely none of which were gained using any kind of secret torture techniques – are referring to my “Coffee Critiques”.

All of these discerning folks sent me some copy to have a look at and all of them got a nice annotated PDF, along with a detailed video of me spouting all the ways I think their copy could be working harder for them.

If you’re struggling to imagine what that process looks like (and who’d blame you given that awful description), you might want to click here for a demo.

(You’ll find a link to the PDF in the description)

If you’re an enthusiastic clicker of links in my super-signature, you’ll know that Coffee Critiques have been unavailable for a while now, so what better way to celebrate my 400th subscriber by giving one away for nowt?

Want my eyes on your copy?

All you have to do is hit reply to this email by Sunday night, letting me know you want in (feel free to be as creative as you like) and I’ll pop you in Monday’s draw, where one lucky person will get a free critique.

You don’t have to have a page written, ready for me to look at. If you win, you can save the critique for when you do.

But you do have to hit reply and let me know you’re in.

That’s it. Have a great weekend.

Lots and lots and lots of love… but not in THAT way,


* According to my email software, it was actually 53%. According to my wife, I have far too much time on my hands.