Here’s your prize 🎁

Lionel, my pet otter, injured himself playing “Leticia Dean’s Dance Off” on his Nintendo Switch last night, so I’m presently rushing out the door to the vets to get the controller “extracted”.

So I’ll make this quick…*

* Yes, of course it’s a load of hogwash… we all know otters are Playstation gamers.

Just wanted to let you know I’ve chosen a prize for the 4-0-0 thing – my eyeballs on your thing.

Let me expand on that, so it doesn’t sound so worryingly vague…

I’m giving away a copy critique.

Here’s how it’ll work:

Hit reply to this email with any combination of words you like and on Monday 26th July I’ll pop every single reply-er into a hat (probably metaphorical) and draw one out and award the winner with a critique of anything they like.

Got a sales page that isn’t selling?

A landing page that isn’t landing?

A cart abandoned sequence that isn’t cart abandon sequencing?

You name it, I’ll critique it.

(I’m gonna regret typing that sentence, aren’t I?)

You might know I occasionally offer critiques. You might even know that the price has been steadily going up and I’ve not had any available for a while, so this is a rare chance to have me help you with your words.

In case you’re wondering what a critique is, let me flesh it out a little…

Basically, you send me a piece of copy that you want to improve and I cast my discerning eye – maybe even both – over it and come up with ways to make it better.

Not only do I give you a fully annotated PDF of all my ideas, but I also shoot you a screen share video, explaining them, so you know exactly what to do.

You end up with a better-performing page without any of the stress that comes with constantly screaming “WHY IS THIS NOT WORKING?”

… and then trying a gazillion different things.

Think of it as having all the benefits of having a highly paid copywriter on staff… only without the downside of the “highly paid” bit.

Want in?

Hit reply to this email before midnight on Sunday and I’ll pop you in the draw for Monday.

Gotta go, the otter just coughed and now I have to go and retrieve a triangle button from my next-door neighbour’s garden…

John Holt