Hmmmmm. Not sure about this idea…

I’ve had a membership idea floating around my mind for a few months.

Every time I try to bat it away it keeps on returning, each time a little stronger and a little more filled out, making it harder to shift.

It’s got to the point now where I need your help.

Before we double team this bad boy and dropkick him to the outer reaches of the galaxy though…

Let me tell you about it, so you know what you’re about to launch into the Nether*…

* Sorry, but my daughter’s been making me watch a TON of Minecraft videos lately

To make this easier, I’ll copy the idea straight from my notebook.

(I did think about sharing the image of the note but my writing looks like it was written by a drunken, cack-handed, three-fingered doctor going through turbulence)

Here’s the note:

– – –


What is it? (and the hook) – As a copywriter, working for three different marketing agencies, I’m living, breathing, and other bodily-functioning everything in the e-commerce, information marketing, and business development space.

I’m learning – and using – cutting edge the latest marketing ideas every single day.

(Fourth Wall Break – I genuinely struck through “cutting edge”. Even in rough note form, it was too hypey)

Sure, I’m not the most experienced marketer on the planet, but I have my finger on the pulse.

(FWB: Bloody hell… “Finger on the pulse”? FFS John!)

I know what’s working and I LOVE learning about this stuff, so why don’t I just show you the ideas I’m using (and getting paid for) and share what I’m learning, so you can “plug and play” these very same ideas into your business… without any of the hassle?

Who is this for? – small/solo business owners and freelancers who want to use the latest marketing tactics and tips to earn more moolah, but can’t be arsed spending hours learning about them or buying endless courses.

They just want quick, easy ways to earn more money, save time, and eliminate the “what the hell should I do?” struggle.

Them – “Can’t someone else do it for me?”

Who is it NOT for? as there will be a little work required to tweak each nugget to your business, this ISN’T for you if you want a totally, 100%, hands-off “done for you” service.

It’s also not suitable for retired tennis professionals, James Sharples (the boy who bullied me in high school), octogenarian lighthouse keepers, anyone who refers to themselves as a “Global Business Owner”, former secretar…

(FWB: I’m gonna cut it there and save you reading, as this section goes on for some time…)

What you get – a new piece of actionablepractical content sent via email every week – something that makes you money… without having to put in the hours.

(Emphasise “practical” and “actionable” – make sure they know it’s something that’ll give them a clear, specific, and desirable result, and not just a woolly “ooooh, isn’t this nice…” thing)

Also – NON-NEGOTIABLE thing…

Whether it’s an email template you can copy and paste, a sales page walkthrough video that explains simple ways to up conversions… or a screen share… or a training… or a way to get more clients…


^^^^ Hard and fast rule right there.

Why only one thing per week? – because overwhelm is a bastard tricky beast.

My tendency is to “over-deliver” and throw tons at you.

That’s OK, but information overload means you’re less likely to take action, and

less action = no results (v. bad)

My way, I can e-deliver you one “banger” piece of content every week.

(FWB: happy “first usage of the word ‘banger’ in an email” day to me!)

With one piece of practical content every week, there’s no overwhelm or “what do I do first? Let me journal on it for a couple of hours…” distraction – just a “do this” that will give you a very awesome result.


Founder member (offer to “email club” only) – £25 per month

Usual – £45 per month

– – –

So… that’s the note I made.

In the spirit of honesty, there were also a few random squiggles and weird drawings.

I’ve not shared those with you for a couple of reasons:

1. They’re not part of the membership (but I am reserving the right to include them into a premium “vibranium-level” upsell)

2. I’m terrified they’ll give you an insight into my innermost thoughts and trust me, you don’t want to go there.


That’s the membership idea that keeps coming back to me.

And this is where you come in…

What do you reckon?

Do you want to:

a. Help me banish this idea once and for all? If so, do absolutely nothing and ignore the heck out of this email or, if you’re not totally hating on this idea…

b. Click here to let me know that maybe – just maybe – this kind of “marketing membership” is something you might be interested in.

(Clicking the link doesn’t commit you to anything. It just tags you in my system, gives me some numbers to look at, and helps me justify paying for email software)

So… what’s it to be? Ignore or click…?

I really would appreciate your help with this.