Video for [FIRSTNAME]

I shot you a quick video to:

a) Share a super-useful – but little-known – screen capture program that gives you an unlimited amount of recordings (each up to 2 hours) for FREE!

b) Give you a peek at what the video feedback part of “Sent.” looks like, by weirdly and awkwardly critiquing one of MY emails

c) Save my hurty fingers from typing out a long-ass “there’s just one day left to join ‘Sent.’” type email

You can watch the video here.

The doors close for round two of “Sent.” TOMORROW at midnight.

Just so you know…

Next time I offer the course, it’ll not only be more expensive but because I plan on making it an evergreen offer, it won’t include “video feedback”.

Bottom line – if you’ve ever wanted me to send you a bunch of weird and awkward videos…

This is probably your last chance.

(Until I get that “Only Fans” thing up and running anyway!)

Here’s a link where you can find out more about “Sent.”

>> “I want weird and awkward videos landing in my inbox!” <<

If you do want in, don’t forget to flash your “email-only” members card at the door by using code [SUBSCRIBERS ONLY – SORRY] at checkout to get £10 OFF.

As always, if you’ve got any questions, hit reply and ask. I’m happy to help.

John Holt