How to sell to repeat customers (even if you’ve never sold a thing!)

My mate Steve sent one email to his list last week and sold 30 memberships.

You see, wh… wait a second…

Are you jumping ahead… thinking this email is going to try and convince you that email marketing is more powerful than Superman with over 3,517 LinkedIn connections…

… before seamlessly seguing into a “…and here’s a link for my email writing course?”

It’s not.

(That said, I will be popping a link to my course in the P.S. if you’re interested. I’m not totally stupid)

No, this is an email about the power of selling to repeat customers, and how to do it… even if you don’t have any.

Statistics vary wildly, with some marketing experts quoting that it’s 16 times easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to sell to a new one…

… and others, like my next-door neighbour, Doris quoting, “I KNOW IT’S YOU WHO’S BEEN STEALING MY MILK, HOLT!”

Whether you side with the marketing experts or potty mouth, calcium-deficient Doris though, the fact is:

Because they’re further along the magic “know, like, and trust” conveyor belt…

It’s easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one.

It takes effort, attention, and time to get new customers up to the “existing customer” level.

“Ah…”, you might interject, as you remove your monocle. “… that’s OK for you, but I’ve hardly got any customers yet.”

But you’d be wrong.

You might not have a list of people who’ve bought FROM you, but…

You do have a bunch of people who’ve bought INTO you.

You see, physically handing over money is just ONE of the many steps customers take along their way to becoming lifelong fans.

Subscribing to your email list and giving you permission to email them is another.

Sure, they not have contributed anything towards your weekly “big shop” but subscribers are not “new customers”.

They’ve bought into you.

That’s why you can get 30 paying members by sending one email to a list of folk who’ve never paid you any money…

It’s exactly how I managed to sell out the first round of “Sent.” in only 10 emails… from a list of just 300 “non-buyers”.

But this isn’t about “Sent.”.

It’s not even about email.

I bet you’re not even wearing a monocle, are you?

It’s a reminder that while it’s easy to think about your customers in terms of “buyers/non-buyers”, it’s helpful to look deeper… for the people who’ve bought INTO you.

People who:

– Subscribe to your email (the best kind, obvs)

– Reach out to ask questions because they value your opinion

– Leave thoughtful comments on social media posts (i.e. not the “needed this today” crowd)

Whether anyone has ever clicked your magic green “buy now” button or not, if you’ve been putting your ideas out in the world, you DO have people who’ve bought into you more than others…

It’s worth looking out for them.

John Holt

P.S. Of course, I’d be a total dummkopf if I didn’t have a link to my email writing course, “Sent.” SOMEWHERE in this email, so here it is…

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