Do you have a Bart?

If there’s one thing I know from being self-employed for over 10 years, it’s the power of having friends you can count on.

I’m not talking about the ones that tell you everything you do is great:

“You’re gonna make David Icke themed bird baths out of toenails? AWESOME!!!!”

I mean the ones who can look you in the eye and tell you:

“I say this with love, but…”

People you can count on to brutally honest are worth their weight in gold.

The sad thing is because the online world is filled with egos and social posturing, it’s pretty hard to find someone whose actions aren’t being filtered through some kind of agenda.

They say it’s awesome… because they’re launching a course next month and want to be good on your good side so you’ll share the hell out of it.

They say it’s terrible… because they’re worried that it’s a bit too good, and will move you above them in the imaginary “Facebook Entrepreneurial League”.

It’s hard to find someone that’ll give it to you straight.

(Those of you with an innuendo based humour system – feel free to pause here and snigger for several moments)

I have a few folks… though not as many as I’d like.

My friend Bart Schroeven is one.

(“Schroeven” is pronounced… badly)

I wanted his eyeballs on “Sent.” before I launch the next class.

He told me off… nicely:

“I say this with love, but… Are you MAD? Seriously, I’ve bought stuff for 97, 147, and 197 that offered less value than this.

I see you’re selling it for £69 the second time around. That’s still a ridiculously low price. Please tell me you know that?”

Now, just in case you think this is a heavy-handed way of convincing you that I’m awesome, think again because Bart had a pretty big “but” lurking:

“… there’s a risk you’re not doing your customers a favour either.

If I bought an email course at £69, I wouldn’t be expecting this much content. I’d feel overwhelmed and I would have underestimated the amount of work involved. At £69, I’d be expecting far less than what you seem to be giving here.”

Maybe not the sort of feedback you were hoping for ;)”

He’s right… it bloody well WASN’T the feedback I was hoping for.

But it was the feedback I NEEDED to hear.

I was so focused on delivering value, I didn’t stop and think about the bigger picture.

I created “Sent.” for business owners who want to learn how to write an email that sounds like they wrote it.

I downplay it a little too much, joking “Sent.” has the weakest claim of any course ever.

I never twigged that as a potential problem, but it is. 

The whole point of the course was to reduce overwhelm and make writing an email EASY.

Every now and then I need to point out that, while it is fun and light-hearted, this is actually one hell of a course.

The PDF of the daily lessons you get on day 15 is 120 A4 pages long (and that doesn’t include the links to checklists and downloads).

There is a TON of gold in this course.

It is not a “sit down and bash through it while having yer lunch” masterclass.

It’s a day-by-day system that will show you my complete solution to writing emails that your subscribers love to read (and will probably buy from).

I’m NOT mucking around.

Next time I launch “Sent.” it’ll be at a much more premium price.

But for the next ten days you can secure your place on the next course for the bargain price of only £69.

Of course, because you’re in my email club, you can also get £10 off that price by using the code [SUBSCRIBERS ONLY] at the checkout.

Whether you jump into round two of “Sent.” or not though, here’s what I want you to remember…

If you’re a business owner whose livelihood depends on coming up with good ideas, it pays to have someone you can trust in your corner…

Someone who’ll give you the feedback you NEED to hear…

Even if it’s not what you WANT to hear.

You need a Bart.

John Holt