“That’s nice… mind if I pee on it?”

My pooch’s peeing practices perpetually put me in a position of perplexion.

(I know that alliteration was a little heavy-handed, but once I’d written “pooch’s peeing practice”… I was all in baby!)

Firstly, I’ll never understand how, when coming across something lovely – something worth sniffing – a dog’s first instinct is to think:

“I’m going to wee all over that.”

Second, is the idea that a dog’s life is quite literally a pissing contest.

“Another dog just peed on a dandelion? I’m there!”

Of course, dogs do this to mark their territory.

Granted, it’s not a legally enforceable method of acquiring property, but at least it’s a step up from Paul Young’s “wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home” policy.

The thing that impresses me most about my dog’s continuing accumulation of land however is that he’s ALWAYS got something in the tank.

He’s ALWAYS ready to pee on something.

He’s never “out of hats” (to borrow Paul Young’s flimsy metaphor)

There’s a marketing lesson in that – always be ready.

Whether it’s always:

  • Having an awesome lead magnet to get them onto your list and into your world
  • Being totally clear about your offer so you can talk about it at the drop of Paul Young’s hat
  • Always having an answer to the “how can I pay you money to help me?” question
  • Having a stack of business cards with you for those random times you bump into perfect clients

Always be ready.

One of the ways you can do this is by always having things to write about in your emails.

This is something I teach in week two of “Sent.”.

In fact, not only do I teach it, I give you an “over the shoulder” video of me taking a boring, simple story and turning it into an email, so you can see how it works.

Turns out, you don’t need a shelf full of planners, prompts, and templates to always have something worth talking about.

(You know, like “ain’t it weird how dogs pee on stuff?”)

You need just three things and, in “Sent.” I show you what they are.

The doors close on Friday, the 18th June though, after which the price will be going up, so if you’re on the fence about whether this is for you, head over to:


… and check it out for yourself.

if you are interested in joining the next class, don’t forget to use the code [sorry subscribers only] to claim your £10 “email club” discount.

Any questions, just ask. I’m popping out for some milk in about half an hour, but I’ll be around after that. 🙂

John Holt

P.S. If you’re a copywriter or business owner who’s already super confident in being able to sit down and write about themselves and their business, “Sent.” is probably NOT for you.

Sure, you probably will learn some cool, new things, but I come from the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” school of writing.

So, if you’ve got a system that’s working for you… AWESOME! Stick with it.

P.P.S. Having said that, two copywriters DID jump on the first class of “Sent.”…

Not only that, but they gave me killer testimonials too. You can see what they said towards the bottom of this page: