A behind-the-scenes look at my “this is never gonna work” promotion plan for “Sent.”

I love comedy and copywriting for the same reason maths geeks love trigonometry…

… weird angles.

For example, in my stand-up act, I talk about the realisation I had when my wife asked to get a dog, so she could feel safe at home while I was out at night doing tricks for drunk people.

(If you didn’t know I was a magician in a previous life, the previous sentence might have conjured up some horrific imagery)

It didn’t occur to me until AFTER she bought our ferocious and fearless guard dog that, because it was a night-time replacement for me, the dog she chose would be a reflection of how she viewed me as a husband, father, and protector…

(For maximum cuteness, make sure you’ve clicked “display all images”)

Coming up with the weird angle of “whatever dog my missus buys is what she REALLY thinks of me” was the most fun part of writing that gag.

And it’s the same with copy – I love looking for new hooks and ways of thinking about things.

Promoting the next class of “Sent.” is a great example.

This will be the first time I’ve talked about it on social media.

The thing is… I’m shit at social media.

Not only am I useless at it… I don’t enjoy using it.

That said, I still want to experiment with it and explore different ways of selling “Sent.”.

Yeah, I could do a typical “launch” style sequence, but the comedian in me wants to try something new.

Here’s my idea…

Instead of a “here’s the big promise of the course and how many different ways it makes your life awesome”-type sequence.

(You know, the kind of launch successful business owners do…)

What if I did the opposite?

What if I came up with a series of posts that focused on what “Sent.” DOESN’T do?

I’m going to need to explain this, aren’t I?

Here goes…

Reading the testimonials and emails I got after the first round of “Sent.” made me realise that, despite my only real promise being to:

“Show business owners how to write an email that sounded like they wrote it…”

People were getting waaaaay more out of the course, including:

– Almost DOUBLING the amount of engagement they get on their emails

– More sales than ever

– Eliminating writer’s block once and for all

– Using the same framework to write killer social posts that got more likes, shares, and whatever the hell they do on TikTok

– No longer needing templates

– The confidence to finally hit “send”

– Writing their best emails ever

– Not worrying about how they compare to other folks in their newsfeed

– Running out of notebooks because they were having so many ideas of what to write about

– Using the framework in ANY type of interaction, including podcasts, videos, Lives, and networking pitches to get great results

… stuff like that.

“What if I came up with a whole bunch of short posts, talking about those ^^^^ things and using screenshots as social proof, instead of highlighting the actual promise of the course?”

Would that work?

I haven’t the foggiest. I suspect not, but the “new, shiny angle hunter” side of me is delighted to be giving it a bash.

Anyway, that’s how the “Surprisingly Splendid Side Effects of Sent.” was born…

You can see how I’m formatting the posts and how they’re faring on my Instagram page here:


(Spoiler alert: you’ll take one look at my design work and think “Did his dog do the design work too?”)

Feel free to like, share, and… oh my god even typing this makes me want to stab myself in the eyeballs…

Feel free to have a look if you’ve nothing better to do.

Oh, and if you were in the first class of “Sent.” and you experienced a “surprisingly splendid side effect” I haven’t mentioned…

… hit reply and let me know so YOU can be part of this devastating car wreck momentous moment in marketing history.

BTW, the doors close for round two of “Sent.” on Friday, the 18th of June at midnight (UK time).

If you want to find out more about the course, head over to this page:


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Have a great week,

John Holt