“Sent.” is back (and it’s got a sales page!)

“Oh my god… people PAY you to write this?”

That’s what you (yes, YOU) might be thinking in about 27 seconds…

(Don’t say I didn’t warn you)

The greatest email marketing course (I’ve ever created) is BACK!

That’s right, “Sent.” is returning for round two!

I’m still tinkering with the sales page, but as a member of my “email-only” club, I thought I’d give you an early “heads up” before I start promo-ing the heck out of it on social.

The next class starts on Monday, June 21st, but a few things have changed, so before you go clicking links, make sure you read this ema…

(Godammit… you’re already looking for the blue link, aren’t you?)

The first thing that’s changed is that the price has gone up to £69. Couple of reasons for this: 

1. I knew I’d underpriced it last time. That was intentional. 

This was my first ever course. The last thing I want to be worrying about is, “are they getting value?”. 

I wanted to focus on making it as awesome as possible and pricing it at a steal was the best way to help me do that…

… so that’s what I did.

2. The students in the first class TOLD me to raise it:

Please, please charge more in the future as this was a steal!!”

“I hope you more than double the price for the next intake”

“ I think you could put an 0 on the price. In fact, to go guru I would say it would stand £497”

To be honest, I think £497 is a bit of a stretch (plus, there’s also my “ending prices in ‘7’” allergies to consider), so I’ve bumped it to £69.

It’s still a bloody steal, but at least my ego is heading in the right direction.

The second thing that’s changed? Even though I’ll be on hand to answer any questions and help you get the most from it… I am no longer offering daily critique and feedback on the exercises.

To be fair, this isn’t a massive change, as I’ll still be there to help guide you if you need it, but it’s enough of a difference I feel the need to mention it.

That said, if you still want to head over and see the ugliest sales page you’ll see today, here’s where you can find it:


As a fierce and loyal subscriber, I’ve also got a special discount code for you but, being a man of mystery, I’m not telling you how much of a discount it is.

Here’s the discount code to try in the “have a discount code?” section (please don’t share it)


Any questions? Hit reply and ask. I’m happy to help.

Have a great weekend.


P.S. One more quote about the course, you say? Go on then…

John has seriously blown it out of the water with this course.

I’ve gone into previous courses looking for copywriting enlightenment and come out confused and dazed with a bag full of concepts and ideas in one hand, templates in the other and no idea what I was meant to do with either of them.

SENT is completely different. John not only takes you step by step through how to structure an email,but how to make it your own through by humour, emotions and storytelling that is guaranteed to engage your audience.

And if you’re concerned about coming out of it with all the knowledge, but still be faced with the blank page of doom, I promise you that’s going to be the least of your worries. The lesson on how to never run out of ideas is no false promise! I’ve running out of notebooks to put them in!

The man is a Copywriting God!”

DISCLAIMER: I’m NOT a god. I’m just a man with a course… and a sales page: