NSVs (part 2)

Did you make the leap?

In yesterday’s email… you remember, the one about Non-Scale Victories (NSVs)?

Did you make the leap?

I’m guessing you did because you seem like the kind of savvy individual who would.

Just in case you didn’t though, let me help.

Yesterday, I talked about how it’s important for you to stop and notice the NSVs every once in a while.

But there’s someone else who needs to do that too.

Do you know who it is?

All together now… 1, 2, 3…





Your customers are just like you…

(Only far less attractive, obvs.)

Your customers live to experience awesome NSVs – those little “wins” that can’t be measured by dollars or inches… but make you realise all your hard work has been worth it.

So don’t be afraid to use NSVs in your marketing and sales material.

Show your audience how your laser hair removal system is so damned good they’ll no longer be on the end of low-brow “Chewbacca” gags from the guys at your local synchronised swimming class.

Give them a chance to appreciate how your “meditation for single dad’s” course will allow them to feel blissful peace, even when surrounded by absolute fucking carnage that is the local play centre.

Not to harp on about my own stuff, but “Sent.” was a good example of this.

I didn’t make any “you’ll make x amount of sales” type promises, nor did I claim it would boost your audience.

The goal of “Sent.” was one big NSV – you’ll be able to sit down and write an email that sounds like you – without worrying what other people think.

That was really the only promise I made, but…

The single NSV was enough to sell out the first class of 40 from just 10 emails… to a list of 300 people.

I’m not holding myself up as a shining beacon of excellence BTW.

I’m still the same dickhead who was so nervous on my first day as a social worker I tried to break the ice with a wheelchair-bound patient by commenting on his footwear.

“Nice trainers. Do you use them for running?”

(Yes, really!)

I’m using my own example because… wait, are you sitting down? Good…

I’m using my own example because there are people online who will lie or exaggerate their results in order to sell you things.

They get you to buy into their ideas without telling you the full story.

I KNOW that NSVs can be used to create compelling offers.

Sure, if you’ve got a proven, step-by-step, system to take me from $0 to $143,283 in 28 minutes – awesome! You should probably lead with that, but you should still sprinkle your copy with NSVs.

Hire me to clean your house and you’ll return home from work every day and be able to put your feet up and relax

Give me $5,000 a month and you’ll never have to worry about your copy again

Give me twenty minutes with your garden and people will stop mistaking it for the local tip

Start building a collection of NSVs.

Be constantly on the lookout for them, stalking your customers, eavesdropping.. listening out for NSVs.

When you see one – GRAB IT…

… and then use it in your marketing.

Have an awesome weekend,