Not Safe for Vegans?

I kept seeing the same three letters cropping up, over and over again. Annoyingly, everyone else in the group seemed to know what they meant, but I had no clue… 

… and that bugged the hell out of me.

Sure, I could’ve taken the easy way out but, being the TV detective fan I am, I decided to put on my deerstalker and work it out myself rather than ask Siri, Google, or former Decathlete Daley Thompson for the answer.

(Yes, you’re right. I DO have better things to do than this)


“Naomi Scales Volcanos?”

“Norwegian Skateboarding Veteran”

“Neurotic, Sickly Valetudinarian?”

After a couple of days of it stewing in my brain, I admitted defeat and had to Bing it.

(HAHAHAHAHAHA – yeah, right… as if ANYONE uses Bing!)

“NSV = Non Scale Victories”

AKA victories that are not easily measured.

In weight loss groups, NSVs might be:

Someone commenting on how awesome you look,

Enjoying shopping for clothes,

Winning the Dad’s race at your daughter’s school sports day

(Thank god they don’t drug test… I’m pretty sure I consumed an illegal amount of Red Bull to win that)

NSVs are the little moments when you realise your hard work has paid off.

It’s like the “TADA!” at the end of a magic trick.

Too often, especially in business, we’re keen to focus on metrics:

How much you earned this month,

Is CPC up or down this month?

How many pens did I nick from the office?

This isn’t helped by ever-improving systems and algorithms, which can give us data points for tracking facking everything.

(“I see your pretentiousness has gone down 1.6% this month. Great job, Tom!”)

As in weight loss, if you focus only on the data, you’ll miss some of the NSVs. Like suddenly realising:

You don’t have to look at your bank account every morning, filled with fear, wondering whether you’re going to be shopping at Sainsbury’s or rooting through next doors bins tonight,

You’ve started emailing your list regularly and getting more and more engagement… and the occasional sale,

Asking for the order no longer fills you with terror and dread. You’ve got confidence in your offer and know you’re worth.

Yeah, breaking six figures is cool and all that, and metrics are great if you need to impress your bank manager so you can finally get a loan for that jetpack you’ve had your eye on, but don’t ignore that #NSV wins too.

Let’s be honest, the only reason we do anything in life (including buying a jetpack) is to experience a specific emotion…

… and when you read an #NSV post, you’ll see emotion spilling over the page. 

NSVs are filled with joy, happiness, love, appreciation, and wonder.

Can you get that from a jetpack?

Yes. Of course, you can. Jetpacks are awesome. But that’s not my point.

My point is that, if you stop and smell the #NSVs every once in a while, you won’t NEED to buy a jetpack.


P.S. $350,000… in case you were wondering.