how to never run out of content ideas

He doesn’t know it, but Jerry Seinfeld taught me everything I needed to know about creating endless amounts of content.

What’s more, when you learn his technique (we’ll get to that in a second), you’ll realise something…

The secret has been hiding right under your nose.

“That’s right, Dorothy…turns out all you needed to get home was those red ruby slippers you’ve been wearing all this time.”

“WHAT??? You absolute f***ing b*tch!!! What kind of sick, twisted freak are you??”

Turns out you don’t need prompts, copy and paste templates, or content planners with colourful tabs…

You just need to do what Jerry Seinfeld does.

When you’re armed with the “Seinfeld System”*, you’ll always be able to face the blank page and have something to write about.

* I’m definitely not calling it that because lawyers are expen$ive

Think about how that would feel for a second – no more struggling for ideas or things to talk about.

This “Seinfeld System” is something I’ll be sharing in week 2 of “Sent.” – my email marketing course for business owners who want to be able to write an email that actually sounds like they wrote it.

I’ll also be sharing some other content related nuggets in week 2, like –

– How to create all the stories you’ll ever need (even if your life is dull as dishwater)

– A super-easy way to transition between stories and your CTA

– How Golf Monthly can help you create powerful emails that resonate with your audience

– The biggest mistake business owners make when creating content – and the 180° move you need to pull to guarantee you never do the same.

– How you can turn one of the world’s most popular websites into your own personal email writing gym

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