skill or SKILL?

Scott Adams is fond of saying that every skill you learn doubles your odds of success.

I have no idea if there’s any science behind that (research before I hit “send”? Pffft.), but it is a useful mindset to have. I think we can go a little further though.

Because there are skills…

… and there are SKILLS.

All skills are not equal. Some move the needle more than most. If you can learn a bunch of the needle-moving ones, you can set your life on fire.

(in a good way)

Here are a few examples from my eclectic CV:

Magician – I was probably one of the few working magicians who had absolutely no desire to be famous, have my own TV show, or use my digital dexterity to woo hot babes.

I only wanted to know one thing – could I walk into a hotel room filled with 100 total strangers, introduce myself to a small group, get their attention, and have them eating out of my hand for 10 minutes…

And then do it again TWENTY more times… EVERY single night?

Being able to fearlessly approach and win over total strangers is a SKILL.

Comedian – after seeing the film “Comedian” I knew I didn’t have what it takes to be a headline comic. Neither my schedule nor my car was up for the challenge of driving up and down the country grabbing every open spot I could find, to get precious stage time.

That’s OK though because I didn’t want an arena tour…

I wanted to learn how to stand on stage and talk to strangers without sweating buckets and falling apart.

Contrary to what you might think, I’m NOT a natural performer and I saw comedy as the perfect public speaking “baptism of fire”.

Even seasoned public speakers look at stand-up comics and think, “I could never do that.”

Doing stand-up comedy forced me to get better at coming up with new ideas, shaping them into something relatable, and delivering them to people who had consumed vast amounts of alcohol.

Getting on stage once a month wouldn’t put me on the fast track to comedy glory but… it did help me become a better public speaker.

^^^ Another SKILL.

Lastly, we have copywriting. As creating websites became a doddle, I noticed more and more weekend magicians popping up – folk who knew a few tricks and liked the idea of doing magic and getting paid for it.

I’ve nothing against this approach but these guys were massively undercutting professional rates… and doing a piss poor job while they were at it.

At a time I was charging £400 for a couple of hours at a wedding, I would hear back from brides:

“We’ve decided to go with someone else who’s only charging £75 for three hours.”

I figured this wasn’t going to get any better so I looked for something else. Copywriting was an ideal choice, as it was something I could practice while being a magician. I’d have real-life data on what worked.

I quickly realised copywriting wasn’t about crafting a magical combination of words… it was understanding how human beings work… how we make decisions… and how to influence and persuade…

Another SKILL.

No matter what job you’re doing, look for the SKILLS – transferable superpowers that transcend your job title.

These are the things that can change your life.

What is the SKILL behind the skill?

All things ARE NOT equal. Some things count more than others.

It’s worth focusing on the stuff that counts.

Here’s why I mention this…

On Day 2 of my “Sent.” course, I’ll be introducing you to a simple checklist that automatically makes your emails clearer, easier to write, more compelling, and – if you’re selling stuff – more profitable.

Thing is…

The checklist doesn’t ONLY work on emails… it works on EVERY piece of business writing you’ll ever do.

Learning to write a good email is a SKILL.

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It could be exactly what you’re after.

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