how the world’s greatest Olympian and I sold a $40,000 service

“Holy hell! Really?”

“Yep. Just booked ‘em for $40k…

.. you should probably write Michael Phelps a thank you note…”

– – –

OK… I may have taken some artistic license when writing the above, but the key elements are true.

Michael Phelps and I sold a $40k service.

(And, if I’m REALLY being honest, it was me who did most of the work. The “Flying Fish”? More like the “Torpid Torpedo”, am I right?)

* Don’t feel bad if you had to Google “Torpid”… I did too.

In fact, the lazy git and I made the sale with only one email.

Here’s how…

While browsing the internet, searching for “World record amount of Tunnocks in one cakehole, 16th Century Philosophers”, I saw an article about Michael Phelps.

The point of the article was this – even though you’d think swimming is an individual sport, Phelps had one hell of an entourage. He had dieticians, masseurs, strength trainers, coaches, mindset gurus, Fortnite coaches … definitely more people than you’d imagine.

As soon as I read the article, I knew I’d be using it for an email.

At the time, one of my clients was someone who offered a complete “Done For You” service – giving full access to all their team of experts. So, rather than root through Fiverr, looking for freelancers, or struggling to do everything themselves, entrepreneurs could hire a proven, ready-to-go winning team.

… a bit like Phelps did to win all those medals.

From that point on, the email pretty much wrote itself.

I opened by bigging up Phelps (no mean feat, considering he’s 9’ 43”), talking about all his achievements and remarking that, even though he looks like Poseidon carved him from rock and has feet like flippers…

… he still needed a team to achieve his dreams.

“And so do you…”

I’m often asked how to “link” or transition into a pitch or business lesson in an email

The “Phelps” email was a pretty easy leap to make.

Others are a little harder.

That said, there are a few copywriting techniques that make transitions easier.

And I’ll be sharing these in “Sent.” – my first ever course, teaching business owners simple techniques they can use to sit down, face the blank page and write an email.

Of course, I’ll be sharing lots of other things too, such as:

– Comedy writing techniques that provide you with an endless source of content

– How to “pitch” to your reader… without feeling like a sleazy, slimy pitcher

– The simple step-by-step checklist you’ll follow when writing every email (extra bonus: use this and you’ll NEVER have to face the blank page again!)

– How to finally put an end to worrying about “unsubscribes” (and why you should actively encourage them!)

– How to write emails faster… without actually writing any faster (wait… wut?)

… and much more.

Every day, for 15 days, you’ll get an email from me that’ll guide you from “oh my god, what do I do?” to emailing pro (almost).

Not only that, but there’ll be “bite-size” daily tasks AND a LIVE Zoom call, to answer any questions you might have.

At £40, this is the cheapest “Sent.” will ever be.

Also, because I want to make “Sent.” even more awesome, this is the most interactive it’ll ever be too!

For that reason, I’m closing it out as soon as I hit 40 people.

We start on Monday 26th April.

IIf you’re a copywriter or a business owner who’s happy sitting down and writing emails and social posts, “Sent.” is NOT for you.

But… if you want my hands-on help to take your email marketing to the next level, this is the link you need:

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(No, Michael Phelps will not be teaching the course)

Have a good ‘un,


P.S. Oh, I almost forgot…

Not only will I show you how to write an email, but I’ll also be showing you how to use a P.S. to maximum advantage too!

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