Oops! Guess who just found 50 ebooks in a Namibian warehouse…

Scarcity is a tricky thing to get right…

The wrong way?

“I’ve just had a call from Carlos, you know… the manager of my Namibian warehouse.

He called to tell me that he’d just found 50 extra copies of my PDF.

Yes! The one I told you was sold out.


Apparently, they were in a box, in a dusty corner of the warehouse!

When I heard, I knew what I had to do – cancel my lunch meeting with Jeff Bezos and email you.

Believe me – these are gonna sell fast!

(In fact, I’ve already got 47 emails in my inbox from people waiting, so there’s probably only a few left! Better act fast… Did I just hear another ding?)

If you missed out last time, you have to get on this.



(Unless Jean-Luc, my French warehouse manager finds some too. In which case, I’ll be back in your inbox faster than you can type “oops!” in a subject line……)”


Like I said, tapping into scarcity is a fine art, but sometimes…

The scarcity is real, bro!

Yesterday, I opened the doors to “Sent.” – my “how to sit down and send an email” course for business owners who have trouble sitting down and sending an email…

It’s 15 days of daily emails, breaking my email writing process into simple, bite-sized lessons.

You don’t need to be a copywriting genius – or even a good writer – to write good emails.

All you need is a proven approach. And I can give you that.

After 15 days you’ll be able to face the blank page and bash out an email that your audience actually reads…. and buys from!

You’ll also get a group Live Zoom call with me, to answer any questions you might have and help make writing emails even easier.

TL;DR: Give me 15 days and I’ll turn you into an emailing machine!

Thing is… as this is the first go-round, I want to give as much “hands-on” help as I can, to make sure it’s valuable.

i.e. I’m not looking to pack this course with as many people as possible.

I’m thinking 30-40 people… tops.

Yesterday, after I emailed my list, I sold 14 spots.

(I know, I was shocked too!)

I wasn’t going to email you today, but I wanted to keep you updated and make sure you don’t miss out on a place if you haven’t already.

If you haven’t signed up already, and want to secure your place when the first class of “Sent.” starts on Monday 26th April, click the link below:


As always, no pressure.

If you miss out on this intake, don’t worry. I will be running this course again, but…

It WILL cost more, and it WON’T be as interactive as this first class.

Bottom line? If you want my help to nail your email marketing…

This is as cheap and interactive as it’s going to get.

Here’s the link again if you’re interested:


If you’ve got any questions, let me know. I’m more than happy to help as much as I can.

Thanks again,