do you want the last one? [spot the difference!]


To celebrate Easter weekend, I thought I’d have some fun with a little “spot the difference” competition.

That’s right. You might have thought I was being a clumsy, half-assed imbecile when I omitted something important from my last email, but it was a totally intentional, planned, premeditated error… all to celebrate the joy of Easter.

(Do you think anyone will believe this?)


I messed up. 

I forgot the YouTube link.


This is the worst thing to ever happen to anyone at Easter… EVER!!!

(Yes, even THAT!)

Let’s try this again, shall we…?

(With some bonus bracketed comments)

– – – 

It’s Easter weekend (still), so I’ll be quick and bullet-pointy (oh the irony!).

  1. Happy Easter (again!)!
  2. Yesterday, I recorded myself critiquing the very first sales page I ever wrote (it’s there now – I’ve checked!) (SPOILER ALERT: if you’re allergic to poor colour choices, don’t click the link – it ain’t pretty)
  3. If you watch the video and think, “man… that was a hell of a breakdown (when he finally got round to including the link!). I’d love him to do that to MY sales page. Finally, I’d be able to stop guessing why it’s dying on it’s arse. Instead, I’d have a clear, easy-to-follow blueprint, showing me exactly WHY it’s not working… and what needs changing to bring in more sales.”, you’re gonna love bullet point no. 4.
  4. I’ve just opened ONE “Coffee Critique” slot – where you can get my eyeballs on your copy, like the above demo for only £15.
  5. Did you know that lists with an odd number of items are far more compelling than their even-numbered counterparts? (Though, since I’ve sent this twice, that technically makes it ten items…)

Here’s the link again (again) to the last ever £15 Coffee Critique.

(Next time, I’m raising it to £20. It’s the only thing on the planet growing faster than Bitcoin, baby!)


John Holt