Give ’em a reason to act NOW!

People lie.

They SAY they’re interested and “will get back to you later”, but they never do.

It’s even worse when you’re writing an email and including a link you want them to click.

You see, it’s not enough to make it curious or interesting.

You have to give them a reason to click it RIGHT NOW.

If you don’t, they’ll file it away in their mental “I’ll come back to this later” drawer, where you’ll reside between “book routine eye test” and “learn what ‘copacetic’ means”.

In other words, your link ain’t gonna get clicked.

Don’t be sleazy or spammy about it but, whenever you toss a link in an email, also toss in a reason they should click it now… while they’re sat there… on the toilet (probably).

– – –

See that link in the picture?

You should type that into your phone – RIGHT THIS SECOND – or the price of Ragu in the Swinton branch of Morrisons will go up by 37%!!!

Here, I’ll make it easy for you (this is the link!)