So… I’m doing a thing

I’m doing a thing…

And if you’re a business owner who struggles with writing copy and content, you might like it.

Here’s the working title:

Never Mind The Copywriting Bollocks

Possibly starting on 19th April and delivered daily via email, you’ll get videos and tasks taking you step-by-step through the process of blasting through your writing roadblocks, so you can more easily write copy and content for your business.


It is NOT a “copywriting” course… but you will learn some simple copywriting techniques you can use to make your writing more powerful, persuasive, and compelling.

It is NOT a “how to be funny” course… but by the end of it, you’ll effortlessly be able to pepper your personality into anything you write, so it’s unmistakably “you”.

It IS an “oh my god why is it so hard to face the blank page and write what I want to say… how I want to say it?” course.

After the 30 (ish) days, you’ll be able to sit down and effortlessly write a more powerful, persuasive, and compelling email, social post, or sales page.

No hassle, no sweat, and no more worrying about what everyone else thinks.

If you’re a copywriter or the idea of sitting down to write an email to your list doesn’t bring you out in cold sweats, this ISN’T for you, but…

If the thought of facing the flashing cursor of doom puts the fear of God into you… “Never Mind The Copywriting Bollocks” will help.

I’ll be sharing all the ideas and tactics I use to create stuff for me and my clients and…

Because I am in full-on “beta” mode, the first run will be:

  • the lowest price it’ll ever be (I’m thinking £40)
  • more “hands-on”, so you’ll get more personal help from me, so…

… if you want my help to make business writing a doddle… this is the best time to get in on this.

I’ll be talking about this more in the coming days/weeks, but for now… I only have one question:

Are you interested?

If so, click the link below. Not only will this let me know that this isn’t a terrible idea, but I’ll be emailing link clickers early – with an extra discount – when this thing goes live.

Click these words to show me that you’re vaguely interested and to grab the discount.

Any questions? Hit reply and ask.

Have a good Saturday,