#40 – 1st or 3rd person? What’s best for YOUR website?

When it comes to writing the copy for your own page, it can be a struggle to choose 1st person or 3rd.

1st (me, my, I) is more personal and warm, but 3rd (he, she, they) sounds more professional and makes you feel like you have a team, rather than being the sad, pathetic loser you really are.

(You realise I’m mostly talking to myself when I type these out, right?)

Anyway…  there might be something you haven’t considered about your website…

Also in today’s episode, you’ll discover:

– My dastardly plan to get my children hooked on Belgium’s finest import

– I use the words “Bangin’ teacher” – and not in a weird, pervy way that would put me on a special register…

– What the REAL purpose of your website is (if you’re thinking “to maintain a healthy nutritional balance and fend off survey”… you’re WAY OFF!!!)

– The sordid details behind my secret Babestation addiction (will I ever recover from this admission? Yes, because it’s bullsh*t)

– The one thing you can do right now that automatically attracts more dream clients while repelling the nightmare ones (Gawd… that sounds kinda hypey, don’t it? ‘Tis true though!)


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