#39 – Why you NEED to become an influencer (and how to start)

Yes, you heard. I want you to become an influencer.

Before you hire a Lambo, rent a plush pad and withdraw your life savings in $1 bills… hear me out.

Also in today’s episode, you’ll discover:

– How pathetic I am at demonstrating gang signs 

– A simple – but highly effective – habit you need to get into the habit of habituating… habitually.

– Why I USED TO BE terrible at marketing

– Why I STILL AM terrible at marketing

– My biblical – and masterful – reframing of the term “influencer” (you’ll FINALLY be able to say “influencer” – without retching when you hear my consummate take on it)

– How to sell yourself… without selling your soul to the devil (or paying a sleazeball $1,997 to learn a bunch of “never-fire” close techniques)

– The SHOCKING news about why being a decent human is a good plan of action (you better be sitting down when you hear this!!!)

– How my daughter’s endless YouTube watching has FINALLY paid off!!!

– What I would do if I wanted to get more shares and subscribers (you’ll kick me – probably in the knackers – when you realise how easy it is!!!)

– My brand-new, “never seen before” call to action (can you believe it’s taken F***ING 39 episodes? Will the wait be worth it??? I think we both know the answer to that!!!)

– One simple action you can take RIGHT NOW (after watching this video… I NEED DA VIEWS!!!!) to win the eternal gratitude and adoration of your friends.


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