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4. Never send a dull email again – want 6 things you can do TODAY to ensure your emails are never referred to as “meh” by the gals in Lidl again? I’ve got you.

5. Seeing how a copywriter with no experience and no connections (Hi!) landed 3 sweet gigs in 2020 – with some big kahuna clients. No bribery or “we have your kids… here’s what I want you to do” ransom notes required – I’ll show you exactly what I did (including screenshots!)

6. Stealing my simple system for emailing your list without struggling to do battle with the blank page every single time.

7. Getting an email from me once or twice a week where I share something I think will make your life a little bit better. 

How can you choose right? It’s impossible.

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If anything on that list sounds like something that would make your life easier, I hope you’ll check it out.