#38 – Never use THIS as your headline

Headlines are tricky beasts to get right.

Even the best copywriters on the planet can struggle for weeks and months before getting the perfect headline.

And while I can’t make coming up with a perfect headline any easier, I can do the next best thing and show you what NOT to use as a headline.

Also in this video, you’ll:

– Be shaken to your core, as I (meekly) suggest that you’re a selfish _______ (careful, the answer is NSFP – Not Safe For Pensioners)

– Discover the most important realisation business owners need to make… but only if they want to sell more stuff and swim in money like Scrooge McDuck!

– Learn the shocking truth about how your customers REALLY feel about your (yes, YOUR) widget (if you were hoping for “enamoured” and “slightly aroused”, you’re in for a shock!)

– Marvel at how I subtly plug my coffee critiques in a manner that would make evil Hypnogod Derren Brown cry.

– Hear about the biggest problem I saw with sales pages this week (I’ll give you a clue… look at the bloody title of this episode!)

– Find out what you should NEVER put at the top of your sales page… unless your name is Kim Kardashian (it’s not, is it? Good. Then don’t do THIS!!!!)

– Bear witness, as I create possibly the greatest movie title the SyFy channel has NEVER  produced!

– Steal my “swipeable” free headlines I give (only bold lawn technicians need apply)

– Learn how much the success of a sales page is  down to the headline (SPOILER Alert – it’s 80%, but don’t let that stop you from clicking ‘play’ and hearing me say it again!!!)

– Discover the super-simple question you can ask to help you create a killer headline (wait… a serious bullet? WTF?!)

– Observe and listen, as I unveil the REAL purpose of a headline (if you thought it was to remove stubborn stains from your undercrackers… you’re WRONG!!!!)

– Wonder if I’ve had a stroke as I pause a bit too long, pondering whether to use a risky adjective before the word “Goldfish”, before finally deciding, “Best not!”

– Be astonished at how, 37 episodes in, I STILL haven’t come up with a half-decent ‘sign off’ yet (was this man REALLY a professional radio presenter???)

… and some other slightly less memorable bits.


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