#37 – How to create a funnel for ANY business

Funnels work. They’re a great way to solve valuable problems and build trust with your customers… WHILE GETTING PAID!

Trouble is, it seems as though some businesses don’t lend themselves well to the “funnel” model, but the truth is, you can create an ascending ladder full of offers for pretty much ANY business…

… as long as you take a different approach.

Here’s what I mean…

Also in this video I:

– Premier my revolutionary “I can’t be arsed faffing around in Canva, so I’m going to take a photo of my looking like a fool and use that as a thumbnail instead” technique (I WAS going to charge $5,000 for this, but seeing as the name kinda gives it away…)

– Mispronounce the word “Russell” – DELIBERATELY – a rather poor attempt at raising a smile.

– Brilliantly agitate the “funnels don’t work for my business” problem, so it feels more pressing and makes you feel WORSE about your life!

– Tease you with a possible solution to this problem before I wildly veer off and talk about myself for a bit (you’ll wonder how one man can be so damn selfish!)

– Blatantly admit that I used to get paid by lying to people for a living (you might wanna call the cops after hearing this)

– Answer the “how many birthdays does the average person have a year?” question once and for all (the answer may shock you… if you’re an imbecile!!!!)

– Say the words “THERE IS NO FREE OFFER!” – Egad! Did I really say this? Yes (let’s hope the Sunday papers don’t get hold of THAT quote!)

– Finally admit the truth about my four-year struggle… (you’ll need tissues for this… but only if you’ve spilled something)

– Crowbar in a desperate plug for you to sign up to my “GOOGLE DRIVE OF AWESOMENESS!!!!” (think you know what “no lube” means? Think again…)

– Reveal the price of how much a magician REALLY costs for two hours of magic (I’ll give you a clue… it’s one of these: £150, £400, or a Ginsters pasty and a foot massage)

– Berate you (mildly) for being so selfish

– Say the words “THERE IS NO FREE OFFER!” – again! (Am I mad?)

– IMPLORE you to fantasise about brides… like you are doing right now!

– Generously give wedding magicians a free idea for a killer lead magnet (did I say it was free? I did? Oh… shit, I wasted these brackets…)

– Selflessly give magicians 5 (yes, facking FIVE) benefits they can use to get more bookings (I’ve charged over £1.25 for these in the past!!!!)

– Show you the easiest way I know to GUARANTEE you’re always offering value to the client – keep this handy trick in mind and you’ll never go wrong.

…. and some (I think) more.

Oh, and while you’re here…

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