Sorry for the delay in getting this to you… (#36)

I meant to send this yesterday, but it was one of those “all hands on deck” kinda days.

(Not to be confused with “All hands on Dec!” – which is a rather fun game to play if you ever happen to find yourself on the set of “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!”)

just posted a new video.

It’s about that old adage – “you can’t please everybody…”

(Feel free to insert your own “though my mate Howard has a few dodgy films with someone giving it a jolly good go…” gag here)

Now far be it from me to argue with an adage, but…

… I’m going to argue with an adage.

Maybe there’s a way you CAN please everyone… but without all the stress of trying to make each piece of copy “perfect”.

If you’ve ever written something and then changed it because you pictured someone – somewhere on the internet – who wouldn’t like it, you might like my latest video.

In it, I:

– Open with a blatant innuendo – that was completely UNINTENDED

– Pick up a book – using my DOMINANT hand! (Finally answering the “is John right, or left-handed?” question, once and for all!!)

– Demonstrate my revolutionary technique of showing a book on YouTube WITHOUT virtue signaling(you won’t believe your Aunt Margaret’s second cousin didn’t think of it before!)

– Struggle to say the words “Marie Claire” (Did this guy really pass his English GCSE???)

– Adjust my glasses – WHILE SAYING WORDS!

– Do elementary maths – ON THE FLY!(no calculator, Fisher-Price abacus, rehearsal, or off-camera genius required!)

– SHOCK YOU TO YOUR CORE – with the startling revelation about how people REALLY feel about you

– ‘Did he just say “Blocking out the haters”?’ (SPOILER: he DID But… WHAT WAS THE CONTEXT???)

– Nail my audition for “Whose Line Is It Anyway???” when I recover from (definitely not) the worst verbal faux pas EVER (hint: I was TRYING to say the word “different”, but… what did I say???) (“Seriously… DID this guy pass GCSE English???”)

– Show you a simple way you CAN go about pleasing everybody

… and VERY little more!!!

Not only that, but I saved myself 15 minutes in Canva because YT somehow managed to give me a thumbnail that DIDN’T make it look like I was sneezing, farting, AND having an orgasm all at the same time!


Here is some clickable blue text. It probably leads you straight to the video…

Apologies again for the delay in getting this out to you.

Say “hi” to your Aunt Margaret for me,

John Holt