#35 – In defence of “features”

“Focus on the benefits – that’s the only thing that matters”

You’ve probably heard that before. Heck, I think I’ve said it before.

It’s true… kinda.

If you want your customer to realise how your thing can make their life better, giving them a boatload of benefits is a great way to go.

After all, why waste time getting bogged down in features?

I mean… who cares what shade of black it is, whether it’s 78 inches or 87 inches tall, or whether it’s a DVD or instant download? Why bother with any of that “feature” nonsense when all the customer is REALLY thinking is:

“What’s in it for me?”

Because it’s not enough to show them what your widget can do for them…

if you want to make a sale, you have to do something else too.

And that’s where features come in…

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