I just can’t help myself…

I finished up with her and looked at the clock.

You know… so I could calculate how long I’d been at it.

From start to finish? 28 minutes and 36 seconds.

I know I don’t have quite as many “notches on my bedpost” as the other guys, but…

Nearly half an hour is good, right?

Truth be told, I reckon I could’ve gone on for a little longer, but if I can get the job done in 28 minutes, and we’re both satisfied…

… why drag it out?

There’s a little bit of bravado going on here too – I want to put on a bit of a show.

You know… before I blow their socks off.

Make it memorable and all that.

Of course, the pressure of giving them their money’s worth helps too.

And THAT’S why my £10 “Quick ‘n’ Easy Copy Critique” videos have been averaging just shy of the 30-minute mark.

30 minutes of a not-totally-shit copywriter pouring over your words, showing you how to make them more profitable, powerful, and compelling…

… without you having to do any of the heavy lifting?

For £10?

“Bloody hell – that IS a bargain! No wonder they sold out. Next time up the price…” – the voice in my head

I just opened up two more spots.

“Good lad.”

They’re £10 too.

“You $£*@~%$!?!?!?!?!?! Dimwit!”

BEFORE you clamour to find the clickable blue text so you bag one of the spots, you should know something.

These are the last two spots I’ll offer at £10.

Here’s why – when I started, I thought these “Quick ‘n’ Easy Critiques” would be that – quick ‘n’ easy…

But they’re not.

Let me tell you, creating a half-hour video, where I give you a ton of tips and ideas is not a “bash it out over a quick coffee” thing.

Here’s the thing though – I can’t bloody help myself.

Once you give me a sales page, I’m “all in” on helping you make it the best it can be.

This is why I’ve been getting comments like:

“This is literally the most I’ve ever gotten out of a tenner in my life.”

“Easily the best quality investment I have made in marketing ever.”

“Wowsers! This is insane input for just a cup of coffee! Thanks so much – for taking the time to do it and for all the GREAT ideas.”

So, I’ve made a decision – these two £10 spots will be the last.

Next time, it’ll be a little bit more.

You see, I don’t want to skimp and hold out on you because “it’s only a tenner”…

I want to share every single idea, thought, and brain fart I have about how I can help you make you more money.

No holding back stuff for the platinum-venti-latte-whipped-primo-soy-with-a-doughnut-on-the-side “premium” coffee critique.

(Mostly because I ain’t typing that again!)

So… how much is the price going up by?


I’ve no idea, but it didn’t feel right upping the price without giving you a quick heads up, so consider these last two £10 spots your notice.

If you want me to help you create words that sell, whether that’s having my look at your sales page, that launch email you want to send to your list, or any other kind of copy you could use an extra set of eyes on…

Grab one of the last remaining £10 “Coffee Critiques” here.

Pip pip!


P.S. I’m looking for testimonials/kind words/anything that doesn’t make me cry about my GOOGLE DRIVE OF AWESOMENESS!!!!

The one thing the optin page doesn’t have is words saying how good it is…

… from someone who isn’t called “John Holt”.

So I was wondering…

Would you mind hitting reply and telling me what you think of the GDOA!!!!?

Did “Five Days To Funny” help you create gags that scored you some laughing emojis on the socials?

Or did “The Sniper Approach” give you an idea for how to approach that dream client, or…

Has emailing your list been a bloody doodle since you’ve been swiping all my prompts in “All The Emails” doc…

Either way, if you have any kind words about the GDOA!!!!, I’d appreciate it if you could hit reply and share them with me because I’m a terrible mind reader.

Not only are you helping me, but you’re helping yourself…

No, really!

You see, your reply will help show me what really matters to YOU…

… so then I can make sure to give you even more of that.

So hit reply and send me some words. Thanks. 🙂