Klonk and Clunk-eth

Quick question:

What do my last four jobs (radio presenter, social worker, magician, and copywriter) have in common?

If you answered, “they all ended with you in the magistrate’s court”, dock yourself ten points, because you’re WRONG!

That was only THREE of them.

(The radio “thing” went straight to Crown Court)

The answer is that they all involved me getting punched in the face.

Here’s what I mean.

All four jobs dished out IMMEDIATE and DIRECT feedback on a daily basis.

As a radio presenter, I had to record my links and play them back in front of the programmer controller, who would pause every one and pick apart every single word.


As a magician, sloshed Gavin had no qualms about announcing “IT’S UP HIS SLEEVE!” to the rest of the table, in the hope of impressing Stacy, the PA, who he’s been buying drinks for all night.


If I said the wrong thing while interviewing a child as a social worker, they’d end up bawling their eyes out.


Same with copy – I write some words… I think they’re awesome… I hand them to my copy chief, proud of my masterpiece.

Half an hour later, I get the doc back and there are strikethroughs EVERY-BLOODY-WHERE.


Clear and immediate feedback is one of your most powerful allies, but there’s a downside…

… when you get it, it feels like a punch in the face.

It hurts to be told, “here are the ways you suck…”

That said, if you’re a business owner, service provider, or freelancer, you NEED to get punched in the face…

You need direct, honest, and reliable feedback on your offer.

Trouble is, most business owners THINK they’re getting feedback…

… but they’re being lied to.

Want to know the most direct way to get feedback on your offer, so you know it’s not only something your customers actually want…

… but it’s also something they’ll put their hand in their pocket to pay you for?

I explain all in episode #34 here:

Click here to learn how to get punched in the face

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Have a great day,

John Holt

* Them’s fightin’ words.

No, they really are.