“Easily the best quality investment I have made in marketing ever”

“You don’t need to pay a copywriter thousands…”

I said that ^^^ on one of my videos.

From a marketing point of view, telling your audience they don’t need to pay you money sounds like a terrible mistake, like the time Hugh Grant uttered the words:

“Divine, you say? I’ll be the judge of that. How much? OK, hop in… I know somewhere quiet where we won’t be disturbed…”

Thing is, unless you’re terrible at marketing, it’s true…

You don’t NEED a copywriter to sell your course, write that email sequence or put together a half-decent sales page, but…

… you DO need to know a few principles.

You CAN’T rely on “hope” marketing – spraying “here’s my new thing!” across the socials and expecting sales to pour in.

Ain’t gonna happen.

The days of “build it and they will come” have gone.

There’s too much noise out there.

Now, it’s more a case of:

“Build it (and tell customers about it in a way that makes them realise how bloody awesome it is) and they will come”.

And you don’t need to pay a copywriter thousands for that, but…

… slipping one a tenner, so he can use his experience and knowledge to give you a few pointers on your sales page, or get your nurture sequence on the right track, might be a wise choice.

Or, as Frank, a buyer of one of my “Quick ‘n Easy Copy Critiques” put it:

“Easily the best quality investment I have made in marketing ever”

Here’s the full quote:

“I think I expected about ten minutes of feedback.

I was amazed to receive 30 minutes of detailed analysis and advice.

Easily the best quality investment I have made in marketing ever.

He identified areas where I could be more effective. He gave practical solutions and examples to help me address its weaknesses.

I was already making some of them within ten minutes of finishing the video. I can see an instant improvement.

As well as the detailed focused advice, John stepped back to share a wider perspective about the entire purpose of my website. A valuable insight.

Then, to top it all, he gave me some great advice about how I can use my website content to create an entire series of blog posts for it.”

– – –

So yeah… you don’t NEED to shell out thousands to a wordsmith like me to make more moolah, but when you get gold like that ^^^^ for only £10…

Why would you NOT click here and grab one of the last few spots so I can do the same for you?

Have a great day,

John Holt

P.S. You’re right, this email has no value whatsoever.

UNLESS… you needed reminding that:

a) If you’re in business and have an offer you KNOW makes your customer’s life better, there’s no shame in telling them about it (without being sleazy or slimy), so they can decide it’s for them.

They have a problem, you have the solution… why wouldn’t you give them the chance to solve it?

b) Customer testimonials are one of the best forms of proof there is. Use them EVERYWHERE.

After all, why use YOUR words to let people know how awesome you are… when it’s far more powerful and convincing to use someone else’s?

Or maybe…

c) You’re in an online Zoom quiz and the host has asked, “Which British actor was caught with his pants down on Rodeo Drive, in 1995…”

P.P.S. If I asked you to imagine a business owner who struggles with expressing how bloody awesome they are… who comes to mind?

Do me – and them – a favour and forward this email to them.

Not only will you be doing a random act of kindness for the day… they might thank you for making their life easier. 🙂