Bitten by a radioactive a$$hole

“Do you remember when you scared the shit out of me at CAFCASS all those years ago? I tell that story all the time…” – Karen.

I have a very dark sense of humour.

I can also be a bit of a git at times.

I like to think these talents combine into a superpower – like I’ve been bitten by a radioactive a$$hole…

Whether that’s true, I don’t know, but they create some memorable moments.

Like the time I was a student social worker, working in child protection…

It was the start of the day, and I was chatting with Rachel, another student, killing time before the office phones would start ringing at 9 am…

… when Karen (yet another student) came over and excitedly interrupted us:

“Oh my god… you wouldn’t believe it. My daughter’s just got through to the final of Blackburn’s Got Talent!!! She’s been practicing for months and last night she got three “YES’s” from the judges. It was AMAZING! I’ve gone out and bought us a cake to celebrate… anyway, really sorry for interrupting, what were you guys talking about?”

And that’s when I felt it – my sarcastic spidey sense was tingling…

I put on the most deadpan face I could muster and “continued” my chat with Rachel:

“… so yeah… she went straight through the windshield. Doctors said that she wouldn’t have felt a thing, but there was so much blood… and the look on her face as they zipped up the bag…”

Karen’s face?

Rachel’s on the other hand?

(Told ya – radioactive a$$hole)

– – –

Of course, I COULD’VE used a funny ad to try and convince you why humour is such a powerful weapon, but…

… I didn’t want to.

You see, wherever it happens…

Humour is about connection and creating unique moments.

^^^ That’s what people remember.

3 people… 5 seconds… a weird, inappropriate joke… one awesome memory.

(After all, I still tell the story too!)

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an ad you write, a stupid video you shoot, or a chat before work…

You have the power to create a memorable moment for someone.

Obviously, humour isn’t the ONLY way you can do this, but…

… it’s the one I’m most comfortable talking about.

Wanna learn how to use humour to create memorable moments your clients, customers, family, and chimney sweep will remember, maybe for years?

There are a few places you can start – by watching great comedians, picking up a book, or taking a comedy class.

^^^ All these are FAB, but…

There’s something you can do right now.

Remember, as a fierce and loyal member of my email club, you can venture into the GOOGLE DRIVE OF AWESOMENESS!!!! any time you like and dive into the free “Five Days To Funny” training.

(This is probably a good time to remind you that I always include a link to the GDOA!!!! in the “ALSO: when you’re ready…” bit at the bottom of every email)

Will “Five Days To Funny” make you funnier than Robin Williams?


Will it make you funnier than Rob-BIE Williams…

Yes. Yes, it will.

I can’t promise you’ll become an obnoxious, inappropriate superhero a$$hole like me, but…

… if you’re looking for an easy way to start writing your own gags and jokes, “Five Days To Funny” is a good place to start.

As ever, if you’ve got questions, I wanna hear ‘em. Hit reply and let me know.

Good day, my liege!

John Holt

P.S. Do me a favour – go back and read the quote at the top again.

Did you spot the REAL gold?

“I still tell that story all the time…”

My five seconds of weird has given (GIVEN!) Karen a story she’ll tell for the rest of her life – to break the ice, make people laugh, get people to like her, and turn strangers into friends.

More on this soon (if you’d like?)

P.P.S. Why “a$$hole”?

Because 5p@m filters tend to get triggered by naughty stuff.

1t’5 @nn0y1ng @$ b@115 t0 typ3, bŨⓉ Ǟ ⒼrƎ@t th1ng t0 


 1n m1nd.