I shouldn’t post on Facebook at 8 AM…

“How do you create scarcity and urgency for an evergreen product?”

Sounds like a Koan a Zen monk would ponder after buying something from Dan Lok.

Instead, it was a question posed in a FB group – a question I felt vaguely qualified to answer.

So I did.

Trouble is, being the “quickstart” guy I am…

… I just had to do it there and then…

… on my phone…

… before I had my coffee.

That’s never a good recipe for success.

(Does ANYTHING good happen before the first cup of the day?)

From a copy point of view, my answer isn’t the prettiest thing you’ll see today (copywriters will probably have a field day tearing it apart) but it IS useful.

So much so that I thought I’d share it with you.

If you’ve got an evergreen offer – whether it’s a membership, course, or lawn treatment service, getting your audience to feel the need to BUY NOW is a bit of a challenge.

If it’s always available… where’s the urgency?

If you have unlimited spaces… where’s the scarcity?

Here’s my answer, including some almost “swipe worthy” copy:

“Because scarcity is not ONLY in the OFFER…

Imagine this…

‘You’ve been doing the same thing, over and over, for years now.

It hasn’t worked.

My thing does.

You’ve seen the testimonials, read the reviews and I’ve given you a sneak peek WHY it works, and what makes this different, so let me ask you…

When WOULD be the perfect time for you to stop struggling with [ISSUE], so you can finally experience [BENEFIT]?

How many more weeks and months are you prepared to [PROBLEM #1], [PROBLEM #2], and [PROBLEM #3]?

No pressure.

It’s your choice.

But let’s be honest…

… the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll start experiencing [DESIRE #1], [DESIRE #2], and [DESIRE #3].

As I say – totally up to you.

But… If you’re ready to start experiencing [BIGGEST BENEFIT] TODAY, and you want to ‘lock-in’ this low price, here’s the link you need:’

From a copy standpoint, it’s OK.

(I did warn you it was “pre-coffee”, right?)

If you’re going to use it, it’ll definitely need tidying up and tweaking to suit your voice, but, if you wanna use it, swipe away.

Here’s the thing to remember:

If you’ve got an evergreen offer, you NEED to remind your audience that:

  • This problem isn’t going to go away unless they act…
  • The more they ignore it, the worse it’ll get (and maybe impossible to recover from)…
  • The sooner they decide to say ‘NO MORE!’, the better their life will be….

Do that ^^^ and you’ll tap into scarcity and urgency WITHOUT sounding like a sleazeball.

John Holt