#32 – I got a negative comment (and a FREE offer for you)

I’ll make this quick, as I know you’ve got kissing, cuddling, and driving to the local garage before the missus wakes up and realises you’ve forgotten it’s Valentine’s day (AGAIN!)…

… to do.

I got a negative comment on the video I posted last week.

“U ok, hun?”

Now, before the messages of love and support flood in…

Me, checking my inbox every 13 seconds…

You should know that I’m OK at dealing with feedback.

(Doing card tricks for drunk people for ten years is a great way to build up your resilience)

But I also realise that some people struggle to deal with the “Negative Nellies” of this world.

And if that’s you?

I want to help.


Cos I’m a nice guy, but also because you might not realise it but…

There’s a BIGGER problem lurking… beyond feeling a bit shit because “Beyonce_upon_a_time” said “U SUK!” on your latest video.

Don’t worry, I’m not teasing you with one of those clever “open loops” things…

… it’s something I talk about in this week’s video.

You can check it out here:

Oh, and I also make you a FREE offer…

Let me know what you think,