You free for a coffee sometime?

At 10:37 this morning, if you had a tenner in your pocket, there were only TWO possible things you could buy with it:

59 Tunnocks teacakes or 1.88kg of galvanised screws for Screwfix

(Yep, I did the maths…)

… but that all changed today at 10:38.

Now there’s a third option.

Yesterday, I was chatting to someone smarter than me (“you wanna narrow it down a little more?” – ed) and I asked the question:

“What should someone with a full-time copy job do to keep his profile up… without having to spend all day on social media?”

“Here’s an idea… have you heard of the site ‘Buy Me A Coffee’?”

Which leads us to this new and exciting third option – for those times when you really want to lighten your bank account to the tune of 1,000 pennies.

I’m now offering quick ‘n easy copy critiques for only £10.

How quick and easy?

You send me your words and I’ll record a video of me giving you my thoughts and some ideas and suggestions on how to make them better.

These won’t be full-on rewrites or in-depth critiques (I will not be uncapping my red pen), but it will be more than enough to make your words more profitable.

Here’s the thing…

Despite what you might think, you’re probably OK at writing emails and slapping together a sales page.

You’re reasonably decent at figuring out what your audience wants and knowing how to talk to them.

You’re not totally shit at writing.

BUT… you could use some help with tweaking your words, so your:

  • Sales page converts a little bit better…
  • Welcome sequence generates more sales for your low ticket offer…
  • Passive-aggressive notes to the delivery driver don’t fall on deaf ears…

(“Good luck in training for the discus. I presume that’s why you’re hurling our packages from the end of the driveway, rather than walking the ever-so-demanding 5 metres up the path, ya lazy bastard…”)

You and I both know that a small change in your copy can make a big difference to your bottom line…

… but I’ll save that argument for a future email.

Here comes the pitch…

Got some words that you’d like to be more compelling, engaging, and profitable?

Click here and look for the quick ‘n easy copy critique option.

One more thing – I can’t promise how often these will be available.

It took me three hours to calculate the Galvanised screw price thing in the opening… so I’m already behind on work.

I will promise you this though – since you made the effort to subscribe…

… you’ll always be the first to know.

Sound fair?


Here’s the link again if you’re interested.

Have an awesome Thursday,