“How come all these different creators are having the SAME problem?”

Here’s the most boring admission you’ll hear today:

I spent most of 2020 writing copy for funnels.

(I can’t believe Netflix haven’t come calling to document my life yet)

Not bits of funnels either… EVERYTHING – scripts, sales pages, emails, upsells, VSLs, Thank you pages, order bumps, “why is ClickFunnels s-l-o-w?” emails – the works.

Here’s something I noticed…

When I try to write an entire funnel’s worth of copy in one week… my head hurts.

Here’s another – more useful – thing I noticed…

Every funnel I worked on had something in common – a single problem that needed fixing before it would REALLY start earning some moolah.

Can you guess what the problem was?

I’ll give you a clue… if you’re struggling to spot it, Big Bird could help you out.


Sing along with me…

  🎶 One of the offers was not like the others…  🎶

🎶  … one of the offers didn’t belong. 🎶


One offer was ruining the “flow”, and sending the whole funnel out of whack.

(I DO sound hip and trendy when I use words like “whack”, right?)

As I said, this niggle was happening so often, I had to ask:

“How come all these different creators are having the SAME problem?”

Once I asked myself the question… I had to come up with an answer.

And that’s when I realised…

There’s an easy way to create a funnel full o’ offers… and there’s a hard way.

Here’s the easy way:

If you’re looking for a simple way to create a range of offers that have a natural “flow” to them, so your customers “ascend the ladder” (or whatever godawful analogy people are using at the moment)… check it out. I think you’ll find it useful.

Let me know what you think.