I’m imagining you in Speedos, dripping in oil…

Just so you know, I’m going to spend this email trying my best to convince you that you’re David Hasselhoff.

Are you ready?

Good. Let the persuasion commence…

If 85% of your hard drive isn’t “swipe files”, you probably won’t know the names Brian Kurtz and Marty Edelston.

Truth be told, I know very little about either either (double “either”?), but…

… I’ve been in copywriting long enough to know that, when these guys talk, I should listen.

I’m telling you this because it’s important I set this email up right.

If I opened with the next line – the lesson I learned from both of these legends – you’d think I’d nicked it off a wannabe influencer on the ‘gram.

“It’s always about saving lives…”

See? Cliche as hell, right? All it needs is a pretty sunset and a #humble hashtag and that baby’s “Insta-ready”.

Thing is, if you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or service provider, you ARE saving lives.

Yeah, yeah… I know. Unless you’re making baby incubators, resus paddles, or you’re Gavin, the Krispy Kreme delivery driver at my local Tesco (YOU’RE THE REAL HERO GAVIN!)…

… “saving lives” might feel like a bit of a stretch.

Let me help you out a little.

No matter what you sell, you’re giving people part of their life back.

You’re the cleaner who saves the single Dad time and energy when he returns to a clean and tidy house, so he can sit and read with his kids, rather than face a full sink of pans…

You’re the tech guy who saved the business owner a load of hassle, swear words, and lost earnings by getting her website back online after it crashed on the last day of her launch.

“Life-saver” still feels like a reach though.

Think about what your customers say when you help them though…

“Oh my god, thank you so much… you’re a life-saver!”

They’re not joking when they say that. You’ve given them part of their life back.

That’s right.


(If you’re imagining the Baywatch theme right now, I’m counting that as a win)

One of the best things about having an online business is that you don’t HAVE to see customers.

There’s something nice about hopping on Zoom knowing that only one of you realises that, underneath your shirt, you’re rocking a Batman onesie.

The BAD thing about having an online business? You don’t GET to see customers’… reactions.

You save their website remotely and you get a “Thanks so much! Send me an invoice…” email.

An electrician pops round to fix the left-side of the bread warming bit of a George Foreman grill and, when he reveals it, gets this:

You have to remind yourself that, whatever you do, you make the world easier for someone when you do it.

Every single time.

You give them part of their life back.

Don’t be afraid to talk about this in your marketing.

It’s not slimy or sleazy for a cleaner to paint the vision and benefits of a single Dad being able to return to a spick and span house so he can spend more time with his kids and feel like a better father.

I’ll be honest…

I’m writing this for me.

You see, in the next few weeks, I’m going to be launching something.

It’s NOT a copywriting course that’ll elevate you to six figures (unless you’re including decimals)…

… and it’s NOT a “how to be funny” course that’ll land you a Netflix special…

BUT… if you’re a business owner who struggles with writing blogs, emails, and social posts and wishes they could just sit down and effortlessly create content that is clear, compelling, AND actually sounds like something YOU would say without ever having to use any prompts or templates…

… you might like it.

There will only be a few spots for the “Beta” version, as it’s going to be pretty interactive, especially the first time around, so if you want my “hands-on” help with your writing so you can take all the stress out of clicking “send”…

… watch this space.

More soon (unless you hit reply and ask – I’m terrible at keeping secrets).

Remember – whatever you’re doing in this world, you ARE a life-saver… to someone.

You rock!


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