A peek at MY email stats

It’s not often I give you a peek into my private email sanctum, especially on a Sunday…

… but I wanted to show you something.

In fact, I wanted to flex a little and show off the stats from the last email I sent.

Now I know a lot of email marketers like to boast about open rates, and I’m not usually one for hyping myself up, but…

… this is pretty special.


Feast your eyes….

Yep. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Naff all.

Not a single open.

Getting zero opens from an email would usually be pretty bad news but, in this case, I’m delighted.

You see, this was no ordinary email.

And, the odds are, you didn’t get it.

You see, this was a “list cleaning” email, sent to the folks on my list who haven’t opened ANY of my emails over the last 90 days.

(I KNOW! How very dare they!)

The email gave them two days’ notice that I’m gonna boot them from my list.

(OK, so the email was a little more polite and friendly than that, but… you get the idea…)

You might wonder… why bother getting rid of the deadwood?

“I’m not paying for my MailerLite account, so it’s not like it’s costing me anything to keep emailing them”.

Is it not?

Is it not REALLY?

(I’m hoping you’re able to pick up on my tone there…)

It doesn’t matter if you’re paying for your Mailchimp account or not…

Get into the habit of acting like you have to hand over some of your hard-earned shekels for EVERY subscriber on your list.

Not only is this a great habit to develop (trust me, when you break through the 1k subs barrier, you’ll thank me), but there’s another benefit too:

Ditching inactive subscribers gives you more accurate feedback on how your emails are performing.

The more “deadwood” you have on your list, the more skewed your results.

Did your last mail only get a 5% open rate because the subject line stank…

.. or because you’ve got a whole bunch of folk on there who wouldn’t have opened your email even if it contained next week’s lottery numbers written across Angelina Jolie’s abs?

Unless you keep your list healthy by trimming the fat every once in a while, you’ll never know how well your offers are REALLY performing.

I made a video about this, but if you’ve read this far and picked up the subtle message about ditching people who are never going to engage with your ideas…

… there’s really no need for you to watch it.

Here it is though if you want to increase the time you spend on YouTube by 12:12:

Oh, and the list cleaning email I sent?

It’s number 61 in the “All the emails” doc you’ll find inside the GOOGLE DRIVE OF AWESOMENESS!!!! (link below).

So… feeling brave enough to dive into YOUR email account, find out how many people haven’t opened any of your emails in the last 90 days, and then send ‘em an email?

If you do pluck up the courage, hit reply and let me know – virtual high-five awaits.

(Also, let me know how many were on your “pee or get off the potty” list. 10 Bonus points if you beat my tally of 18)

Have a good Sunday,


P.S. Oh… if you saw me post the video on social media and were wondering “what the hell, Holt? What happened to your ‘no-social media’ policy?”…

… I’ve decided to adopt what Cal Newport calls the “Post and Ghost” approach to social media.

Two reasons for this:

One, it cuts down my “oh my god! No-one’s going to remember who the hell I am” FOMO by at least 46%, and…

Two, “Post and Ghost” sounds like a cool Tom Clancy game for the Xbox and, you know me, I’m a sucker for all things “hip”, as the young people say.